Let’s go do this! Eee! [smooching noise] Good girl. ♬ Don’t you think we’re better together ♬ ♬ Oh Honey ♬ ♬ I think we are ♬ [both] Good morning! Today is a very exciting day because we are getting ready to go… Horseback riding. We are gonna, Mary and I are gonna be doing lessons and We’re gonna try. Today’s our first one. Yeah, we’re gonna see how it goes. Yeah. We’re gonna try it out today. But before we go, there are some birds trying to make a nest right outside our door and there’s evidence right on our doorstep. Let me show you this. [Peter] Look at all this. They are trying to make a little nest above the door. I don’t think that’s gonna work out but… I guess we’ll find out. All right, let’s get on the road. We’re pulling up! Whoo hoo! Ahh! We are so excited. We’ve been planning to do this for months. We got in contact like we set up to have a lesson, um… like a month or two ago but that was like, then I went in the hospital and obviously I couldn’t make it and then it was too cold and… Anyway, it’s finally warm enough. All right, let’s go do this. Eee! ♬ upbeat music ♬ Thanks so much. That was amazing! Awesome. Helmet-hair. Attractive. That was so cool. Oh my gosh. That is a work out. Let me clean the screen. That was my first time ever riding a horse. And everybody, well, two people said that like basically they were astonished it was his first time on a horse. So. Well, I was kind of just following your lead. But it was so fun. I’m hooked. So we’re, I’m thankful for that little experience. [Peter] Yeah, it’s a good workout for you. It was hard to breathe. [Peter] Yeah. But a good kind. [Peter] Yeah. Like a workout kind of hard to breathe. [Peter] Yeah, I felt like the like trotting was like good like [Peter] bursts of exercise for you and that’s probably great airway clearance. Yep. Okay, I’m gonna go pass out. Also, note to self, take headache medicine before you come. [Peter] There you go. Okay, let’s go. That was amazing! I was just saying like my hair got so sweaty and Peter was like, Well, I was just- I was like, you’re not sweaty!? I was like nah, I didn’t get too sweaty. I was like, I can see how like this specific action and specifically of like trotting is like a huge workout for Mary’s body. Like an amazing, I love it kind of workout. Yes, which that is part of the purpose of why we’re doing it. Yeah, so I received an activity grant, like a Cystic Fibrosis. It’s a very local, um… organization. It literally, um… serves or… supports, whatever the word is, they give activity grants to people in Western Massachusetts who have Cystic Fibrosis. And so my social worker at our clinic brought this opportunity up. She was like, would you like an activity grant and I was like, oh? What’s it, like, what sort of things you know are options for the activity grants? She was like, pretty much anything, and I was like, like horseback riding? And she was like, yeah totally, so I applied for it and the family who founded the organization, their daughter fought CF and passed away and so it’s in her honor. And so…oh my gosh. I didn’t know I was gonna cry. Like, it’s an honor to ride in honor of her and I’m getting ready to email the organization a picture, because the organization has also been excited to like see me ride and they’ve, you know, they’ve been checking in on us and… Anyway. So when Mary got the grant to do this, I was like, well I want to do it too. So we’re paying for me to do the lessons. Yeah. It’s fun. Because we kind of realize like a group lesson with other people might not be… It might not work. So if I need to take breaks or whatever, we wouldn’t want to hold up the whole crew, so we’re just doing like a semi-private lessons so it’s just Peter and I and we’ll pay for his part and my part is being gifted through this organization. For a few weeks and then we’ll pick up paying for it after that. But um I’m just really excited and I think like I’ve always had this deep desire to like run really fast on a horse just like da-da-da, da-da-da. That’s my horse running sound. That’s your horse goals. And I think it’s probably that need for speed which I can’t accomplish on my own because of my limitations and so being able to trot today just felt like something I’m in control of or like… A way that I can go quickly. It was amazing. I’m really really thankful we were able to do it and it’s gonna be a very fun summer. Yeah. And let’s go take medicine. Ouch. My head hurts. [groans] Okay, so end result is complete and total… 100% every ounce of me is exhausted. I did not expect to feel like this because I guess I felt so conquer-ey when I was on the horse that I was like, oh, yeah, this is great and fine. It is great. I still love it. Can’t wait to go in less than a week, I mean one week minus a few hours. [Peter] Less than a week. Um…I’m so excited to go back, but I’m just like so tired out, just like exhaustion, I guess that’s how I’d describe it. So I’m eating pears out of the can and… In 30, in 15 minutes, I need to go sit at the table and feel all better and do a livestream. So, it’s gonna be… I need to like get hyped up and get ready for this. Are you all ready for this? Uh… Who knew it was gonna be this exhausting? I guess it took all of my physical energy and my like adrenaline energy, because I was so excited about it. Anyway… Worth it! Also, I will note, much coughing and much mucus was coughed up when we got home. So, airway clearance… Check. It is approved as a very good form of airway clearance. ♬ upbeat music ♬ [Mary] All right, we are watering and [Mary] just planted our purple bush beans. I’ve got four buckets of purple bush beans. [Mary] And the bugs are really really bad. We’re gonna plant the… [Mary] where…are they over here? [Mary] We are gonna plant the jalapeno peppers in a different, like I think we’ve got some round buckets from last year. [Mary] Ollie, what do you think? Is it so nice outside? [Mary] It’s so nice. [Mary] And for now, we’re just gonna keep our garden out front. It’s easy to get to, easy to water. [Mary] Easy to keep track of and there’s a mosquito in the house. Sucker! [Mary] What?! We are suckers! [Mary] We’re sitting here like crying. We just watched American Idol. We’re suckers for sappy things! [Mary] Ahh. It was amazing! That was so sweet. Okay. Well, that was a very fun, very fun time. You have some amazing hat hair right now and I have… No, I have helmet hair! If I’m gonna be on… [Peter] My hair parted! [both laughing] Takes me back to like third grade when I parted my hair. [both laughing] Do not show me without my hat right now. Where’s a hat for me! [coughing] Oh man. Yeah. We’re suckers. We don’t watch a lot of TV shows, but we’re suckers for like, uh… Sappy… competitions, yeah. [coughing] Do you remember… America’s Got Talent last year? Every episode we cried. Yes. We’re just suckers. Okay. Well, that was so fun. Thank you so much for joining us. If you missed yesterday, today’s live stream, it is up and it is available for viewing for your viewing pleasure. Click the video on YouTube. What? That thing. Thank you guys for coming on our journey. If you haven’t yet, you can hit subscribe as well as the bell next to the subscribe button, which will notify you for as many notifications as you want. All or some, etc. We recommend all. Um… Yeah, that was our day today. Thanks for coming along with us and… [both] As always, we will see you tomorrow. Good night! Good night. America. Kieran, dim the lights. [laughter] Hey Ollie, where are you, bro? Gotta say good night to the people. Come here, say good night guys. ♬♬


  1. I have my fan on in my room because it's hot.. so I can't hear the video very well (because the fan is loud) and I legit thought Peter said "My hair farted" not "my hair parted" I was like… really confused for a second there 😡

  2. Could you pass along the name of that organization to us? I’d love to donate to their cause, and I’m sure many of your followers would like to as well!

  3. I rode for 6 years growing up. Had to stop because of work, but since I live in an area with horses I might start up again.

  4. That's awesome, Mary!! I'm so glad you get to do this!! I absolutely LOVE horseback riding but have to be careful now that I have Syringomyelia with a Syrinx in my spinal cord at T-8, 9, 10 & 11.

  5. Hello dearest Pretty Mary 💛🌼 glad to see you having fun with riding horse exercising ♡♡ love you both so much, stay positive 🌾🌻 GBU

  6. Love the horses! I feel like you should have took the ride slower…since it was your first time. I've ridden horses several times and we never even broke a trot sadly. I would love to ride bareback full speed and go out for a stroll along a beach.

  7. Yes! I started at age 7 to 16! I used to be in jumping competitions. It was a blast!! I miss it!! Yall looked amazing on the horses!

  8. I'm so glad you enjoyed it! My side job is teaching therapeutic riding lessons, and I love hearing about all the ways horseback riding can help people! I adore riding, and took lessons all though college (they were offered by the university in conjunction with a local stable) – they weren't officially therapeutic lessons, but they definitely helped me anyway.

  9. ah! So much fun! I have never done more than the trail rides you can book when you go on holidays like along beaches or through mountains but I would love to spend more time doing it!

  10. So fun. You two look sooo happy after your riding lessons.
    Wasn’t the American Idle finale amazing? That was so sweet. Brought a tear to my eye too.
    Hey Mary, I notice that your wearing nail polish again. I remember how much you love your polish.

  11. This made me soooo excited! As a horse rider myself I just think it’s one of the most amazing things. So glad you tried it and had so much joy from it. Horses are so sensitive and therapeutic! One of my favourite vlogs youve done 😂☺️☺️

  12. I’ve heard horseback riding is quite a workout!!! It’s SO awesome there are grants available for activities/exercise!!! It looks like so much fun, but horses are TERRIFYING for me!!!

  13. yeah, i took riding lessons when I was 18. we mainly rode english style. not western.
    an I`ve been on a runaway horse.
    we were walking on a trail in the woods and my horse stepped on a stick. she took off running at full speed all the way back to the barn.

  14. I've been riding horses for 20 years🐎 (I started when I was just 3 years old!) and I gotta say I'm so proud of how well both of you did during your first lesson!!!! I love how they started you in a comfy western saddle and I couldn't stop laughing at Peter's form when he was trotting😂 I love both you guys so much and it's so cool we have something in common now! God bless both of you❤️❤️

  15. birds kept making nests where it wasnt safe so we bought old bike helmets from the thrift store. try that!

  16. You aren't the only one that cried today–I thanked God that you are not alone in your illness Mary and that in spite of your struggle you have Peter, Ollie and a really supportive family. idk what came over me other than I am away from my husband and caring for my mom in the US while my hubs is still in NZ. It's been 7 months and I am beginning to crack, looking at a possible flare up in my chronic illness. I love you guys together! xo

  17. I’m so excited for you! I have a pony and I’m so pleased when I see others enjoying horses! They’re honestly wonderful creatures😄

  18. Missread the title horseback riding for airplane clearance anyone? 😂 Nice you both had so much fun. 😚

  19. I am SO surprised, that no-one has suggested this to you before! What a wonderful organization to provide this gift to you! I used to provide Equine therapy lessons, and it absolutely IS a good means of airway clearance. It is not a glamorous sport, and you really get used to the sweat and helmet hair! 🙂 I'm so glad you enjoyed your lesson. When I had my first lessons as a kid (45 years ago), I used my allowance and baby sitting money, and my parents paid for part. It isn't a cheap activity, but you can learn real fast on what you can cut back on…to be able to afford it on your own. Cutting back on restraunts and prepared drinks in itself, would help you guys out (IF you decide you want to continue). Don't forget your headache medicine next week!! So happy you loved it.

  20. Mary & Peter, I’m so happy to see you two discovering horseback riding & all the joys it brings. Not only is it highly enjoyable, but it is also a total workout…it’s cardio and strength training at the same time. I know the feeling of being tired after a long ride, but the pleasure of riding is more than worth it.

    Mary, I too began riding for it’s therapeutic benefits. Not only does it help with my balance and sensory issues, it’s also a sport that I excel at. Riding and jumping my horse Casey has helped me overcome many of the struggles and limitations stemming from my disabilities.

    Looking forward to seeing more footage of you both riding. Hearing you and Peter comment on how much you enjoyed it really warmed my heart…I think it’s safe to say that both of you are on your way to becoming avid riders. You both looked great on your horses. God bless!!

  21. What a fantastic therapy for you!! I have always loved horses; it will/should get better (with me fully acknowledging I do not know CF personally just horses). Many people get exhausted so even for "normal" bodies it is good exercise. It works out the entire body.

  22. Horses are the best therapy! You'll use muscles you didnt even know you had lol good way of stregnthing without too much movement for your lungs to deal with!

  23. Omg Marry u looked like a natural! Peter was great for a first time just needs to sit back a bit and push his heals down a bit. I have been riding since the age of 5 so for the past 10 years but i ride english not western so it was really cool for me to see the wester style. Im so happy u found riding because most people dont realise how much of an amazing thing it is. Also i dont know if this is true but i honestly feel like it helps my asthma so yea. Also most people think its easy and dont realise its a workout but it really is hahahahaha. Really happy u found it and hope u keep riding! Xx

  24. I'm so excited for you!! I've been riding for 10 years! Horses are a huge part of my life, I love them more than anything, they're truly the best. I wish you luck! Keep us updated! 💜

  25. this video made me so happy/sad!! 😭😭😭 i’m so happy for this new adventure for you mary! but sad because i rode horses every week growing up! i was convinced i wanted to be a jockey until i literally outgrew that dream (i’m 5’8 😂) but then wanted to go to college to be an equine vet! unfortunately life/chronic illness/disability had other plans. i didn’t realize how much i missed horses and riding until i saw this so i may have teared up a bit, but just know i’m living vicariously through you!! 💕💕💕

  26. Mary! I don't have CF and my first horseback riding lesson was sooo much work! The next day I could barely walk, my whole body ached but it ached so good! I'm syper proud of you for doing it!!!

  27. My twin girls with disabilities just started therapeutic horseback riding lessons!!! I have wonderful pics!

  28. I am so glad you enjoyed the riding Mary! I am a therapeutic riding coach and also a rider with a disability, and I see how horses have a wonderful influence in our lives all the time. You and Peter looked so natural on the horses. Please keep us updated when you ride again! 🐴😊

  29. What a wonderful opportunity for you Mary and peter as well. I use to judge horses (and other animals like cattle) when I was in school and was brought up around and riding horses in my family. So fun to see y’all do and enjoy an activity I’ve loved for years!

  30. There's actually a specialized branch of physical therapy called hippotherapy! Despite what the name sounds like, it is horseback riding as a therapeutic/rehabilitative treatment!

  31. Isn't it wonderful that people who have gone through so much pain and grief still think about others in the same situation and donor money and adventures to them in memor of their daughter? Incredibly strong people!
    When you email them, please let them know that their organisation is now known in Southern Germany as well!
    I am so impressed by you and Peter on the horseback! You are doing such a great job!
    If I wasn't allergic to horsehair I would have loved to ride too, but no way, I am falling unconscious within minutes after touching horse's hair and can't breath anymore.
    Have fun riding! Looking forward to more videos about your riding lessons!
    Take care of your body,Mary, this workout might be too much on one or the other day, especially when you have had a rough night and much coghing in the morning.
    But wish you all the best! Greetings from Germany sincerely Britta

  32. So amazing I just rematched this video, and I think this an amazing opportunity to not only ride for a social activity but sponsored by a family that lost their daughter to CF. I teared up as well. So nice for you and Peter!

  33. I miss my horses. I lost Ellie 4 years ago in a sudden accident. I miss her everyday. It broke my heart so much I ended up selling my other horse Ammi within 6 months of Ellie's death. I just couldn't face horses afterwards.
    There's is nothing I miss more than galloping up the hill in the middle paddock at dawn or cantering bareback and bridleless through the tall yellow grass at sunset as the grass lights up a beautiful golden colour on miss Ellie. She is the banner photo on my channel for anyone interested.

  34. Great riding, guys! Peter, you were AMAZING for your first ride! It’s that open confidence you have — horses are very good at judging people.

  35. Mary I am so excited for you, that will be a great way to build some muscles that you haven't used and will give you strength, I love riding but haven't done it for many years, might be something I should check into.

  36. This is absolutely amazing to watch and is so special to me! I've been watching your vlogs for so long now and it's so amazing to see you horse riding! I ride and have done for almost 14 years now and it's such a special sport as no other sport do you connect with an animal and put your life in the 'hands' of a half ton beast. I also have a friend at my yard who has a cystic fibrosis type (extreme breathing) disability and horse riding is the only sport she can do and not only has it improved her medically but she was also luckily enough to be gifted a horse through a charity for ill children so it's always so lovely to see other charities supporting people by offering horse riding! In England we have an organisation called riding for the disabled and it allows people with all disabilities to have a go riding a horse and I think it's so special how a horse can offer people the legs, but more like wings, some people don't have full use of in some way or another. Horse riding is just borrowing freedom and that's why I love it!

  37. I'm so happy that you get to experience the fun of riding! very different than CF, but riding and horses have helped me so much with chronic mental illness. I can't wait to see you guys progress!

  38. Just wait until you get to canter! It's one of my favourite feelings!
    I've been riding for most of my life but I've had to take a break recently. Seeing you makes me think I want to get organized to ride this summer. 🐴

  39. Been riding for 56 years, although I have never owned a horse, sigh. Yes Mary you are a natural, and Peter since you are hooked you keep going! So excited for both of you.

  40. Wowww so excited for you!! It is healthy and so much fun!! Also it is nice to bond with the horses … Make sure you bring some apples or carrots or sugar cubes as treats! 🙂

  41. I just adore you two…your positive energy & unconditional love is just radiating.
    Horse riding, how amazing. You should look up the movie the horse whisper ~ it's based on a true story! You'd love it!
    Please wish me luck…I have cystic fibrosis & expecting my second baby xxx

  42. Thank you for sharing I love watching you guys. I look forward to your next videos. Seeing your service dog makes me anticipate getting my own. I've done all the paperwork now I'm just waiting for them to do the in home visit and then for me to go to the school and get my dog and train!

  43. There is a jockey in Australia who has CF he is a really amazing rider and has been in huge races like the Melbourne Cup which is the biggest race in the whole of Australia!!! 😊

  44. I love horse back riding and I think it is so cool how horse back riding help with so many different illnesses like for an example I have some nerve damage in my legs and riding horse rejuvenates my legs making them feel a little better afterwards

  45. I’m SO HAPPY that horses are giving you this extra strength !! There’s something so special about their partnership with us and I’m so excited that you get to experience it now too 😁

  46. Helmet hair is the best… LOL😂 And I have my own horse Ive been riding for 11 years now! you guys are naturals!

  47. I'm a super competitive equestrian and it makes me SO happy to see you guys enjoying it and having fun!! Not a super popular sport but its so amazing and I'm so glad it works for you and also so glad to see positive & accurate representation of horseback riding as a (real!!) sport 🙂

  48. You two did great! Peter, make sure they lower those stirrups for ya next time. 😉 And Mary, wonderful. I've ridden for………. Oh my……….long time!! I have three horses….Sunny, Scooby, and Hope! Love your videos!!!

  49. What an awesome opportunity that they have that Activity Grant! I'm so excited for you that you and Peter get to experience that! 🙂

  50. Hi Mary! I've been watching your videos for about two hours now because I am so fascinated by your journey. I am currently in graduate school for occupational therapy and I have a presentation coming up on CF next Wednesday so I was looking for videos on it and I came across your channel. Your journey is not an easy one but you are an incredibly strong and courages woman. I was actually commenting on this particular video because I was curious to see if the horse back riding place you went to had occupational therapists. But I watched a little further into the video and it didn't seem like it was that kind of riding facility. You got my wheels turning about how horse back riding could be a good therapy for airway clearance in children. I'll definitely have to look into that further! Watching your videos have really allowed me to put into perspective all of the research that I did for my presentation and really helped me to understand the ups and downs that one can experience with CF. My prayers go out to you and Peter!

  51. I’ve always wanted to ride a horse. I had the opportunity years ago but I got super scared and chickened out.

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