Horseback Riding in Chintsa, South Africa

Horseback Riding in Chintsa, South Africa

Alright, so we are continuing our South Africa
road trip. Right now we are staying in Chintsa at Buccaneers Lodge and we’ve got some fantastic
views of the beach happening. So we’re just going to be relaxing here for the next few
days enjoying some downtime, some beach time and right now we’re going to give you a little
tour. Today we have a horse riding adventure coming
up so we’re just going to meet our horses and get geared up and get ready to go. Apparently,
we’re going down to the beach so it should be fun. Alright, so this is my horse over here. It’s
name is Sisci. You’re very sweet. It seems gentle enough. So that has been a really fun ride so far.
We’re down at the beach right now and we’ve been trotting with the horses. My knees are
feeling a little bit wobbly now that I’m off the horse but it has been a really good time.
And also what’s funny is getting to see the horses personalities. I have one that loves
to eat. And it just keeps stopping to munch on grass. And Sam has a horse that is very
itchy and likes to scratch his butt against branches and trunks and anything it finds.
And my horse doesn’t get along with three other ones. Yeah.

3 thoughts on “Horseback Riding in Chintsa, South Africa

  1. While Audrey is happily petting the pretty horse, the horse is thinking "Wow, THOSE are some beautiful teeth!" Shame Sam didn't show his friendly face, but at least he spoke. Lovely scenery, and can hardly wait to see the next video!

  2. It's videos like these which show people there is more to visiting another country apart from capital cities & bars. 
    Horse riding in South Africa has to be something all adventure lovers must do, this looks just great. 
    Audrey, why did you wear flip flops on a trail like that one? Should always wear shoes, flip flops are for the beach.

  3. I love this video. I was volunteering at Cintsa Horses for 4 weeks earlier this year (as well as running trails on the beach they rescue and rehabilitate horses) and it was amazing- the horses and people were so kind! Seisi was a darling to ride, as were all the others. It is nice to see all my favourites in the one video. I'm glad it sounds like you two had a fantastic ride!

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