Horses! Learn about Horses for Children

Horses!  Learn about Horses for Children

(“Call to the Post”) – [Instructor] Horses. (horse whinnying) Horses started out as
much smaller creatures, but over 50 million years,
they became the animals we know and love today. Nowadays, there are 60
million horses on Earth. Humans domesticated horses
over 5,000 years ago. (upbeat music) Horses live about 25
years and are herbivores, meaning they only eat plants. They can run shortly after being born, and as adults, horses can
gallop up to 27 miles per hour. There are four different types
of movements that horses use. From slowest to fastest they are walking, (horse hooves clomping) trotting, cantering, and galloping. (horse snorting) Horses have bigger eyes
than any other land mammal and since their eyes are on
either side of their head, they can see almost a full
360 degrees around themselves. They have only two blind spots:
directly in front of them and directly behind them. (gentle music) Horses are measured using hands. The tallest horse recorded
was 21 hands tall. Horses can sleep lying
down or standing up, but it uses more energy to lie down than it does to just sleep standing. There are 205 bones in a horse’s body. That’s one less bone than humans have. Horses graze almost all day. And, in one day they drink
up to 10 gallons of water. (horse crunching) Horses can let people and other horses know how they’re feeling by using their eyes, ears, and noses. If you see a horse with flared nostrils and its ears back, stay away. That means the horse is upset. (light country music) Horses can’t breathe through their mouths and they can’t vomit either. (horse snorting) Horse hooves are like fingernails. They are constantly growing. They have to have their hooves trimmed every four to six weeks. Horses have excellent senses,
particularly eyesight, hearing, and balance. They also have great
memories and if you’ve worked with a horse for awhile, it
most likely recognizes you. (horse hooves clacking) Horses are awesome. (horse whinnying) What’s your favorite thing about horses? Thanks for watching. (horse whinnying)

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  1. Wow now ive done ny research on feeding and grooming and more i cant wait fod my horse tomarrow! MY FIRST HORSE

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