Horses rearing/bolting when being put to carriage – after training.

Horses rearing/bolting when being put to carriage – after training.

Bring yours up Alan. Take him back down there. Stand still. See I’m standing here, I haven’t “got hold” of this horse particularly, I can hold him with one finger, his mates just gone away, coming back up, Comes back up to me come up when you’re told, that’ll do. So we’re working just 2 of us here. Now what I’m going to do, he’s clipping up the pole chains now. Come up. Come up when you’re told. What I’ll do now if you stand there Alan, just over there. That’s it. Stand still, good boys. So the 2 horses just standing I haven’t got hold of them, laid back, they’re easy, they’re not moving, we haven’t even connected the traces yet. I know this is a diabolically stupid thing to do when you’ve just hooked the horses on the front but that’s how happy I am with the horses. I’m going to step to one side out of vision. Stand still when you’re told. See the 2 horses just standing there. They can’t see me but I’ve told them to stand and that’s what they’re doing. Come this side now so you can see they can’t see me out of this blinker. Stand still my boys. There they are, no traces on, just on the pole, doing as they’re told. So I’ll resume my position again. What Kathy’s going to do is take her rein and throw it over to Alan and he’s going to take the driver’s seat while I stand here. She’ll just shout “Coming over” So flick that over, just throw it don’t worry about him, just throw it over his back. That’s exactly what I want. Landed on his arse. Can you throw it back now Alan please? Throw it back so it lands on the horse’s arse. Now throw it back the other way. roll it in a ball, roll it in a ball this time and land it on his arse. So you can see he doesn’t flinch or anything. Stand still. That’s it. See the horse not moving at all. Now Alan will take the reins I’m still standing at their heads. Nice relaxed and quiet; if you look at your horses can you see, film down there at their legs, standing at rest. They’re as happy as anything. So Al’s going to take his seat now. These horses have not been out today. So Alan’s got them there, he’ll say “Groom away” so he’ll just hold them now. national standing there with the larger
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36 thoughts on “Horses rearing/bolting when being put to carriage – after training.

  1. WOW! what a pleasure to see this pair. You, sir hold a bar not touched by many, fine, fine work. THANKYOU for providing this to us, seeing is believing. Here in the USA there is sore wanting of a man with your skills and talents.

  2. Those horses know now what is expected from them. That gives them confidence.
    Fascinating to watch again.

  3. These horses look like they would do anything for you including rolling over and dying for the queen!. You do not get stressed so they don't, you don't they don't start to panic, you don't raise your hands to them so they don't act as if they are going to get hit or smacked! Firm, gentle handling and an ability to speak equus! True horsemanship

  4. How much of your solid training sticks with the horse after they return to the owner? Do you require the owner to train with you?

  5. Some parts of your training  are nice BDS and good training, some, just too harsh, sorry, but you seem to want to bully not encourage.  I certainly wouldn't send a horse to you, no way.

  6. personally i wouldn't let him near any of my horses speaks with a attitude disgusting why would anyone pay him to treat there horse like that

  7. Another interesting video, I can tell you are as thorough as possible in your training of them. Thank you for the lessons. P.S. Ignore the rude comments by humans with poor upbringing, they obviously missed a lesson or two prior to leaving their own yards. As you say, the proof is in your many videos. " Carry on good chap" Blessings to you from Ontario, Canada 🙂

  8. great work……great horsemanship
    The bully comment lady
    needs to go back to her Natural Horemanship blarney.
    I observed nothing mean.

  9. That is so great!! I had to "discover" some of this stuff on my own with a pony that had learned to rear and bolt (she came to me like this). I've finally gotten her to the point I can toss a metal trash can lid and she doesn't flinch now. In fact, I burst out laughing when that piece of metal was tossed at this pair because I'd already done it myself with this pony. I've bounced empty plastic jugs off her and she just carries on trotting, or like these two, will stand resting a foot. She opts to look to me for direction now rather than panicking and running off (which I believe was reinforced by her previous owners). I think she feels better not to be in that constant state of "alert". It's been quite the journey. Each horse has taught me something new. Thanks for the great vids and commentary.

  10. Some disrespectful people have commented on here. If they were horses, would be easy to bring them into line.
    Here in New Zealand I know of two excellent horsemen and both have quiet voices and "mumble", just what horses like.
    If you have a team of horses and something goes wrong, they do not hear a loud voice trying to steady them but the quiet murmur.
    Our carriage horses and ponies move off to a "kiss" noise, the quietest noise a human can make.

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