How Fast Does a 21HP Jet Powered Snowboard Go?

How Fast Does a 21HP Jet Powered Snowboard Go?

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  1. Curious to see how it does on a long board instead? We've done that too! ►
    Other frequently asked questions:
    ► Power? 8kW per motor. That's the equivalent of 10.5HP per motor!
    ► Battery life? Only like 5 minutes — Hence why no one was very good at it, no time to practice!
    ► Top speed? Maybe 40km/h on flat ground? We hit like 50km/h on a longboard, and 60km/h on a bicycle using the same EDFs
    ► How'd we make it? Watch the video:

  2. I just thought of the greatest idea ever… What if you get like a mini Air-Mattress (That can Float) and put multiple EDF's on the back you could make a mini one manned boat or hovercraft, anyone on 'board' :P?

    EDIT: You could also use a paddle to steer 😀

  3. why dont you reduce the weight in the board by making a self contained battery backpack that you run down your leg to the board itself. as well as this it would be interesting to see what the iron man hand jets would do to influence the direction of the board from your hand.

  4. Would two smaller ski's on the side, towards the back, of the snowboard work with a turbine on each one work to keep it stable? Maybe give the side ski's a limited turning angle, if mounted where the double stack turbine is. ^_^

  5. Hey man. If u could get 2 big fans. And put the on the side. I was woundering. If it would work. But u already made it 😂

  6. You guys should try to make hover boots because that would be awesome from like LoZ OoT or ratchet and clank a crack in time

  7. Hey hacksmith team, just wanted to say the videos are getting more and more entertaining, loved the chill music you added and wish I could live that type of life you have. Keep it up!!

  8. Dude that was so cool you also made the video really well with the camera and music what was the music at 4:00 when he was snowboarding? (the jazzy one)

  9. Not sure if anyone's already brought this up but wouldn't it be better to have the EDFs at the front, pulling him along, in a horizontal configuration (for a lower center of gravity) rather than at the back, on top of one another?

  10. You really should have attached them sideways, maybe. because the fans doesn't seem to be able to take much air in trough the pants…

  11. In regards to weight, about how much can each turbine carry? Say I was to build a quad copter with 16 of these turbines (4 on each corner)… forget frame, battery life and battery weight for now, how much weight would 16 of these be able to carry?

    Can you do a test with a weight system to see how much 1 of these will lift and for how long with the batteries you have? IE: a quad pole frame with weights outside of the thrust area (equal weights in each corner)?

    How long can you run them at 100%? Do they break easily running them constantly at full thrust for a given amount of time, or are they reliable over extended use at max power?

  12. The design is horrible. Applying more weight on the sides of the board manipulates turning but the problem with the design is the board is back heavy. The board forces you to spin. It would be awfully hard to control the board. Better design would be jet engines on the back of the person. Therefore the weight is centered over the board vs the back.

  13. You could make the edfs and shell with a 3D printer so it's lighter and goes way faster and wouldn't get stuck in deep powder???????????

  14. You had to lock the battery pack in front. Put the engine below to reduce the lever and lighten the rear part.

  15. Hey guys like the board, could you put a stabilizing handle that could attach to the top of the jet ski? Would that give more control?

  16. Wouldn't it be better to have the EDFs lower to the snowboard? You'd have a smaller fulcrum so the thrust would be more inline with the board

  17. Maybe you could’ve added a different throttle system. I see that it’s not easy to to it with the remote in your hand.

  18. I snow board and I know that guy has literally just started he’s got the tecknique all wrong unless it’s because because of the weight

  19. My friend the problem is that the table haven't high , you install a metal circunference in the base for that the table have high .

  20. good concept I see where u can improve the design put the edf's on the sides of the board that should make it less top heavy if you haven't had that idea already

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