How Harry Potter Should Have Ended

How Harry Potter Should Have Ended

Dumbledore: Welcome, everyone to Hogwarts School of Wizardry and Witchcraft, a place I assure you is safe for children,
and has absolutely no history that might threaten our entire existence. But there is a huge killer snake downstairs. And a giant, vicious three headed dog…
and a tree that can kill you… and man-sized spiders that can eat your face… and– McGonagall: Thank you, Professor
Dumbledore! That will be all. As he was saying, welcome to– Hermione: These candles are dripping wax everywhere! (indistinct screams) How Harry Potter Should Have Ended (door opens) That Time-Turner’s fantastic,
Hermione! You should keep it forever. Hermione: Alright. Harry: No, really! It’s too valuable!
You have to promise to keep it. Hermione: Okay! I promise! Harry: Hermione, something might
conveniently destroy all the Time-Turners, making that the last one!
You have to promise to keep it! Hermione: I promise I won’t get rid of it! Ron: What the bloody hell are you two talking about? (epic musical score) (energy colliding) Voldemort: I’m going to kill you, Harry Potter! I’m pointing my wand as hard as I can! Harry: What’s it going to take, Tom? You tried to kill me once as a baby and it didn’t work! Voldemort: I’m going to destroy you! Harry: We’ve been here, like,
four or five times already, and I just came back from the dead! Voldemort: Lalalala! Not listening! Too busy about to kill you! Harry: You are insane! And now
we’re about to kill your pet snake! Neville (slow motion): I’m awesome!!! Harry: It’s over! Voldemort: It’s never over! Avada Kedav–ugh! (vocalizing) Snape: Ugh. Muggle weapons. Harry: Professor Snape, you’re alive! Snape: Of course I’m alive, you twit! Harry: But how? You died right in front of us! Snape: Magic! Duh! I’m a potions master and a double agent. Obviously I had a backup plan. I’ve been drinking Honey Badger Anti-Venom ever since I started hanging around that ridiculous snake. Neville & Seamus: Whoa… Luna: Honey badger just takes what it wants. Snape: And I think we’ve already established that I can heal bleeding injuries. Now, Mr. Potter, if you will bring me your Invisiblity Cloak and Ms. Granger’s Time-Turner, there is one more thing I must do. (music) Hermione: Professor, you realize if you do this, you can’t come back. Snape: I am well aware of the risk and consequence, Ms. Granger. Ron: You’re gonna have to turn that thing at least 200,000 times, sir. Snape: Then you’d best not make
me lose count, eh, Mr. Weasley? Ron: No, sir. Harry: Good luck, sir. Snape: Goodbye, children. One…two…three… four…five…six… 262,029…262,030…262,031…got it! Got it! Riddle: I can make animals do what I want without training them. I can make bad things happen to people. If I want. I can– Snape: Avada Kedavra! (Riddle groans) Dumbledore: What the– Snape: Ha ha HA! Dumbledore: What is this? Snape: Take that, you Dark Lord! Ha ha HA! Dumbledore: Why would you DO that? Snape: Evidence…removal. (Snape pants) Dumbledore: Who are you? Snape: Oh…sorry about that…just, uh… saving your life…in the future. As well as…countless others. It’s a long story. (harmonious end music) Snape: No, I mean a REALLY LONG story. Like, so long, if we wrote it all down it would take at least seven books. Dumbledore: Or eight movies! (end music continues) Dumbledore: I’d like to introduce our new teacher for Defense Against the Dark Arts, Professor Gandalf. Gandalf: You…shall not…PASS! Dumbledore: Well, that’s a little harsh… classes haven’t even started yet. (music ends) Captioned by Evan Reynolds

100 thoughts on “How Harry Potter Should Have Ended

  1. I know the candles can't melt but in real life they can, so they wernt smart enough to put the candles on tables.

  2. Did he just say


    ITS WITCHCRAFT AND WIZARDRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. at the end there should have been a scene were hermoine yells " Oh no!", since gandalf said that they wont pass!

  4. Snape could've actually sent North Korea's Nukes before the battle of Hogwarts on Voldemort and his dark army

  5. alternative ending would be: when no voldemort exist Harry is a enormous AHOLE, bloating his wealth and his name all around

  6. 0:37 fun fact: that actually happened while they recorded the great hall scene and they replaced it with CGI ones


    If Snape killed Tom as a young child then Harry wouldn't be the chosen one

  7. Harry Potter:Especto!

    old wizards knocks out Harry Potter

    Old Wizard:Your not sticking with magic Young man

  8. So… snape knew all along that harry had the cloak & hermione had the time turner? Why did he wait so long?

  9. Hey, I had actually never thought about how effective guns and knives/daggers would be in combination with magic-based weapons.

  10. Dumbledore: tells people they won the house cup and makes it all special. But wait actually your rivals won

  11. I personally hated this because:
    1. Hermione would have had enough sense to not keep the time turner
    2.We freaking saw Snape got killed by Nagini!If he wasn’t dead why did have to pretend?
    (I know this is just a video for entertainment but I just like to point out a few things.If a story is already mistake-free don’t try and re-write it)

  12. Dumbledore: Welcome to Hogwarts were I truly favor equality, oh wait nice shoes Harry 50 points to Gryffindor

  13. I like to introduce our new defense against the dark arts teacher professor Gandolf you shall not pass well that was a little harsh

    Hermione: Alright
    Hermione: ALRIGHT I GET IT
    minutes later Hermione gives it to Snape
    Harry: facepalm

  15. If Snape can go back in time… then why he hadn't get to times of Grindenwald and killed him too, and then get Tom in the future?

  16. …According to the book it would be closer to 482,130 turns. It's one hour a turn, Voldemort was about 12 there, and then he was 65 when Chamber of Secrets occurred. 55÷4=13.75 55-13.75=41.25 55×41.25= 15056.25 15056.25+(13.75×366)=20088.75 20088.75×24=482,130

  17. I remember stumbling across this so many years ago
    I just remembered this recently, mainly for that I am awesome parts!

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