How This Iconic Skating Rink Tells the Story of Donald Trump | The Daily Signal

How This Iconic Skating Rink Tells the Story of Donald Trump | The Daily Signal

The Wollman Skating Rink, and how Donald Trump fixed it, is a great insight to how he thinks and how he works, and if you apply the same standard of cutting cost and cutting time to, say, infrastructure, that he applied to Wollman Skating Rink, you could build probably a trillion dollars of infrastructure for two or three hundred billion dollars. To set the stage, the Wollman skating rink was very popular, about 135,000 people a year. And in 1980, it broke. It couldn’t make ice. And for some bizarre reason, the city bureaucracy couldn’t get it to make ice, so they spent $13 million and six years and they just couldn’t get it done. Trump, whose house and office both look out over Central Park, got more and more irritated, and finally began to publicly harass Mayor Koch about how stupid this was. Koch just got fed up and said, “All right, smart aleck, I’m going to give you $3 million and six months, you fix it.” And as Trump puts it in “The Art of the Deal,” at that point, he realized his prestige was at stake because if he didn’t get it done, Koch was going to publicly ridicule him. And he also goes on to say, and this is my favorite line about Donald Trump, “Now that I was in charge, I realized I didn’t know anything about fixing a skating rink.” Now I think that’s important because Trump is a man who learns as he needs to know. So, he said, “So now that I was in charge, and I know I didn’t know anything about fixing a skating rink, so I said to myself, ‘Who does skating rinks?'” And he said, “Canadians.” They looked up and found the number one skating rink company in Canada, which actually makes virtually all the National Hockey League skating rinks. They called him, they flew in the next day. They went over and looked at the Wollman Skating Rink and they said, “This is so stupid, it’s embarrassing.” And, they proposed a very specific solution, that was very easy to do, but totally different from the very complex solution the city wanted. And he also says, “Because I was personally on the line, I wanted to make sure this works. So even though I’d hired the best company in the world, I showed up every day, and I looked at what was going on, and it fit an old rule I’d learned years ago from a banker friend, that ‘you get what you inspect, not what you expect.’ So here’s this vision of Trump, who’s wandering around worried about the horticulture, and are the plants being put in right, and how are the pavements, and all these different parts, because he wants it to really look good. Well, they come in about $750,000 under budget, they take that money, they put that into a trust fund that goes to modernize and take care of the rink and the park around the rink. They charge to use the rink, they more than double the number of people, or they about double the number of people, it goes from like 138,000 to 256,000 And the profit from that goes into the same trust fund. So, you have this model of an entrepreneur cutting through all the red tape, going to the best at the business, getting it done quickly and then sharing with the community all the profits from the achievements. This project doesn’t matter to him financially. What mattered to him was, there was this eyesore in the middle of Central Park, and it was sad that people wanted to go ice skating. It’s sort of the definition of Trumpism being anti-stupid, an ice rink that doesn’t make ice is stupid. And so Trump doesn’t like things that are stupid, so he stepped in and fixed it. I think it’s a great story about Trump, and it’s a good example of why entrepreneurs can do things that bureaucracies can’t do.

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  1. I would say President Trump is the analogy of Nikola Tesla in the past on how badly ridiculed and singled out as lunatics madman no one understood and gave the world alternating current one out of many amazing inventions he made now in motion. Thank you for sharing and God Bless. Take care kiddos:)

  2. I remember all the hoopla over this.I have seen the rink but never got a chance to skate there.I hate the plastic skating boots they have.I hit show more at the bottom,it won't load.

  3. I read "Art of the Deal" and Ivanka was still a little girl and she's like daddy can I go skating, when are they going to fix the ice skating rink?

  4. I'm here because I read "Art of the Deal" and the Wollman rink chapter. Wanted to know more about the man. Now I know we got the right guy for our country's infrastructure.

  5. 13 million and just couldn't get it done! Bureaucrats and a half. There's what is wrong with America right there. The tax money never makes it where it belongs and nobody is held accountable.

  6. If only our left would chill out DT would transform our failing infrastructure into something the world has never seen.

  7. If you watch NETFLIX, THEY CHANGE THIS story, EVERYTHING LIBERALS TOUCH TURNS TO EVIL👿👎Everything Trump Touches Turns To GOLD⭐️💰GODforTRUMP2016-24🕊🙏🏻

  8. Just like this story, for 30 Years, Trump watched Government Screw Up the Country, and finally said, screw this, I guess I’m going to have to Give up my life, or America will become a third world country……

  9. actually Gingrich told a different story than what Trump shared, Trump was a personal friend of the Montreal Canadiens, and they sent somebody to new York to help fix the problem!

  10. when I grow up i want to be Trump.
    he knows how to lead, know when you don't know, delegate and show up everyday. know who works for you and treasure that relationship. I do love this man.
    he is a kung-fu master 💖😻😎

  11. They left out the details on how he promised contractors free publicity in exchange for doing free labor. Of course, they were completely stiffed. No publicity & no fees.

  12. You know the contractor did the work for free right? But you wouldn’t know that because he didn’t give him the recognition

  13. Why do the elites, globalists, mainstream people and deep staters hate Donald John Trump?

    Because, they cannot control him. Period.

  14. My best friend is a Trump hater because his education about him has come from the news. I send him clips of interviews and stories of his business successes but he refuses to watch. In his brainwashed mind, President Trump is Hitler. I'm thinking "dude, are you in a concentration camp ?? Dumbass Mother Fucker –

  15. God bless America & the #BestPresident ever, #PresidentTrump #DonaldJTrump #MAGA #WWG1WGA #KAG2020 #Trump2020 🇺🇸🏛🇺🇸⛸⛸❄❤

  16. He also refused to pay most of the workers the full share they were promised. Like always he fucked over the working class. They don’t me that in this piece.

  17. This is why Trump is the perfect person for the job of cleaning up the White House and make a safer and more lucrative America.

  18. Wow. Most slanted story. I lived through this. Trump did step in and fix it. However you have failed to mention he put his name all over it. He 100% entitled to take over and change the name. Then he and the city went to court for years spent million on lawyers just to have the name put back to its original Williams Rink. He has been grasping to have his name be immortal. He is a pitiful man but his followers are worse because they believe everything he says without confirming anything. Look into the entire story.

  19. Who's here reading 'the art of the deal' and wants to illuminate there minds upon seeing this video?. Damn Trump is so amazing I don't know why people hate him. so sad, they didn't pay heed to what Trump giving them, like as a whole— people are soo stupid, mostly. and they don't deserve Donald Trump.

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