That was a brief summary of what you will
learn in the 56 minute long player intermediate pack. Check it out at! And now let’s learn how to 360 mute grab. Finally it is time to do 360 mute grab and
if you didn’t quite get the 360 japan perhaps safety maybe the 360 mute is going to come
easier to you. We will break this down similarly as we did
in the mute grab tutorial. The first thing you need to think about is
just to grab the ski. So focus on pulling that ski up that you are
going to grab and what you do with the other ski is not that important. Then once you got that down you can focus
on pulling both fort feet up so you keep the skis close together. This adds more style! Before actually doing some 360 mute grabs
of kickers lay down on the ground and practise a couple of times and imagine yourself spinning
while doing the grabs on the ground. This is going to help you to prepare yourself
mentally before you hit the first jumps. Just like in the mute grab tutorial focus
just on pulling that leg up and then reach down and what the other ski does is not so
important. Once you got that and your confidence is growing
you can start to pull both your skis up. Focus on getting a bit more style into your
grab while spinning. The size of the jump you use is not so important
to me the most important part is that you feel confident. Pull both your feet up and reach for the mute
as soon as you can. To get a nice cross on the mute grab it’s
not enough to just pull your ski up you should also twist the foot of the ski that you are
not grabbing. So you get that perfect cross. And don’t be surprised if it takes quite a
while to get the 360 mute grab because it is a bit tricky since it’s many things going
on. One common mistake many people do is that
they let go of the grab way to early. Don’t worry about this it’s completely normal. This is often due to the fact you’ve been
under rotating. So if you set off a bit faster rotation you
will be able to hold on to the grab longer and feel more confident. And once you got it down it’s sick grab to
use on fast rotations and also for double corks it’s great for keeping the body tucked. and don’t forget to follow us on Facebook, Youtube and Instagram and you will be notified
when we drop new tutorials!

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