How To 540 On Tramp Skis

Before spinning your first 540’s, make sure
you have your 360s and switch 360s locked. How do you know if it’s
locked? Can you do it with several grabs, shifty and different heights if so
you’re totally ready to go for 540’s. Some people can learn 540’s by simply
thinking about adding some spin to the end of their 360, if that’s you, easy! If
not that’s usually because of disconnecting the shoulders from the hip
on takeoff. Let’s go over some steps you can use to get 540’s around easily. For
these exercises use your t-set takeoff used for spinning. Try these two spin
routines Start with the 180 followed by a switch 360,
looking over your leading shoulder immediately on the landing of your 180.
This gets your eyes picking up the landing for a full 360 at the end making it helpful to see the landing for 540’s. Next, let’s try the 360 into a 180 on the
next bounce. This will remind your body to set at least a stack 360 from takeoff
before the last 180. When you land your 360, keep looking at the end of the
trampoline through and after the next 180 to land in a switch position. To get
one step closer to the 540, add a 90 to the end of your 360 to rotate a 450. Set
your 360 and at the end of it add a 90 by shifting your hip open beside you. Now
all you’re missing is a 90 to have a full 540. Set your spin with those wide
arms. A small pre-wind to the opposite direction can be helpful if you need it.
Remember the finish for 360 before adding more spin at the end using a
shifty like motion. The more you pre-wind though, the more
likely you are to be off-balance and disconnected so use as little as you can. Playing around with style and grabs will
lock in your 540 before getting ready to take them to snow. This tutorial was
filmed at Squamish Airhouse. I’m Dean Bercovitch from Ski Addiction, Helping You Ski Better

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