How to Acid Slide on Inline Skates

How to Acid Slide on Inline Skates

all right today we’re gonna learn how to do the Acid Slide so we’ll begin by simplifying this trick
into three manageable steps the first The first step is to bend your knees and get in a ready position the second step is to rotate your upper body in the direction of the foot that will be doing the sliding and lastly lift and rotate your
foot placing it in front of your body so here we have the same three steps but
from a different camera angle on this last step it’s important to
notice the following take note of how his left knees bent this allows his left skate to remain under his body and bare most of the weight also take note of his right foot it is straight and placed ahead of his body this positioning of the right foot allows it to be on the outside edge and bear less weight it is crucial when learning this slide to place as little weight as possible on the sliding leg it is also helpful to brace the sliding leg against the rolling leg from this a back shot we can notice how his rolling leg is actually on its outside edge also this allows him to counter the lean that caused by the rotation of his right sliding foot here we’ll see him attempt the same position but in this case his left foot will be on it inside edge instead of its outside edge as we can see this caused the following all his weight has shifted to
the right and thrown him off balance and in an attempt to keep his balance he’s placed his right foot further away from his body which does not allow him to
brace his legs together for stability all of this ultimately leads to him
falling over here we’ll see him place his left leg on the appropriate outside
edge as we can see the use of the outside
edge on the left foot allows him to remain balanced and brace his legs for
further stability in this section we’ll go over common mistakes skaters experience when first learning this trick this one we see here is probably
the most common this outcome is usually the result of the sliding foot not being on its outside edge or placing too much weight on the sliding foot this following outcome is a product of using the inside edge on your rolling foot
instead of your outside edge this following outcome is a product of leaning back too much you can clearly see that most of this body weight is no longer above the skate but behind him causing him to fall in conclusion it’s important
to remember the following the rolling leg must remain under your body and bear the most weight this is achieved by bending your knee and remaining on your outside edge the sliding leg must remain extended and in front of your body this allows it to be on the appropriate outside edge and bear the least amount
of weight possible follow these steps soon enough you’ll be
sliding like a pro

12 thoughts on “How to Acid Slide on Inline Skates

  1. This is actually the most detailed tutorial I’ve seen thus far and I’m not just only talking about sliding. You clearly detail weight distributions as well as edges one should lean on for each foot. Even more so is the common mistakes and how these mistakes occur thus a viewer can cognitively notice their errors and correct them appropriately. Keep up the awesome work.

  2. Welcome back to the swing of things. So glad to see you're now at a place where you can share our amazing sport with the world again.

  3. You earned yourself a sub…I haven't found such a detailed instructional for inline …Thanks for the post and look forward to whatever you post next!

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