HOW TO: begin with horse riding – The starter set| Epplejeck Horse and Rider

HOW TO: begin with horse riding – The starter set| Epplejeck Horse and Rider

Hey everyone! Thank you for watching this video! If you start with horse riding there are a few items you need to ride safe and comfertable Today I am going to show you these essentials and together we will compose a starter set which you can use when you just start horse riding! You will have all essentials ready, so let’s get started and put the starter set together The first and most important item of the set is a good fitting safety helmet If you have your first riding lesson you can borrow one at the riding school But when you decide to continue horse riding, what you’re gonna do of course, it’s really important to purchase your own safety helmet Really important is to search for a new safety helmet. If you fall from your horse the helmet already gets less save and the quality drops If you buy a second hand helmet you will have no clue what has happened to it Always buy a new helmet! it might be an investment, but it’s worth every penny. You protect your head So first item of our starter set: a well fitting safety helmet! Like I said the helmet should fit very well, because it needs to protect your head which is really important. So if you wanna know when a safety helmet fits well I’ve made a video before about it. But you also can ask someone at the Epplejeck store if they can help you! Part 1! if you are horse riding it’s fine to wear comfertable breeches. You’re sitting on a saddle That’s why jeans aren’t suited. You have a seam right here *points at it* and if you are sitting on the saddle there’s a possibilty that it will grate We discourage wearing jeans But if you are riding your first lesson and are not totally sure if you like it then you won’t have to buy riding breeches. You can wear sport shorts or leggings Als long as it won’t grate If you decide to take more lessons than it’s really important to purchase a well fitting riding breeches Riding breeches, just like the name tells you, are made for horse riding They’re made against grate or any other annoying things. They’re designed to sit on a horse with The difference between riding breeches and regular pants is the seat. It’s this half-round part *points at it* The seams which are in jeans are not in riding breeches. So it won’t grate by your boots or here at the saddle A well fitting riding breech is the second thing we add to our starter set! It starts to look like something great! But I think some kind of… With my sneakers and bare ankles on my horse doesn’t sound like a good idea If you wear shoes it’s important to have one with a clear heel. With horse riding your foot is in a stirrup. A heel makes sure your foot won’t slide all the way through the stirrup. If you fall you won’t get stuck with your feet So the next item we will add to our starter set is riding boots or some jodhpurs with chaps Let’s check it out. For the starter set you can choose riding boots, -It can be rubber boots and leather boots- or chaps with shoes As long as you have a clear heel, your lower leg fits well in the chaps or boots and that it doesn’t give too much pressure The chaps or boots should have a nice height, should give protection and should give some solidity I have here a few riding boots for myself, but as you can see I still have bare ankles and that doesn’t fit nicely. It will start to grate. So, an another thing to add to our starter set: horse riding socks! And I have the classics: with a diamond patttern. the benefit of these socks is that they’re really high. So they protect the entire lower leg which is in the boots It keeps your breeches in place, because your sock is on top of it. And it belongs to our style. We wear long socks, it is how it is It’s the third item we add to our starter set: the sock And number four: the riding boot! I am almost ready! One thing we are going to shop Our set with riding essentials is almost complete. We are gonna add one thing: riding gloves These kind of gloves are designed to protect your hand against blisters or grating of the bridles. It gives more comfort and also more grip. That’s really nice! We are gonna add those! My strater set is done! I can jump on the horse right away! I just have to fasten my helmet, but that’s about it Yeah, this is all you need to ride well, comfertable and save. It’s sav, you are protected well, lot of grip and support at the boots, nice breeches which don’t cause problems and extra grip on the bridles! I am saying: mission accomplished! I think I am ready for a horse riding lesson! We have all essentials for good, save and comfertable horseriding and maybe nice to know: If you purchase this starter set all at once at Epplejeck (the helmet, gloves, breeches, socks and riding boots/ chaps with shoes) you will receive 20% discount the set discount is valid on almost the entire collection! If you shop the entire set you will save a lot of money! This is valid online and in our stores Thank you for watching! If you liked the video, thumbs up! Don’t forget to subscribe. so you are part of our Epplejeck family! I’d love to see you next time! Bye!

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  1. Nice!! Curiosity: Are possible wear riding boots also with low ankle socks ( how this ) or no show socks ( how this ) or barefoot?

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