This is a sample from our full tutorials the
one hour long shredder beginner pack that’s now available at Here in Boxes 1 I will teach you how to do
5050`s then late box slide before we do a proper box slide using counter rotation over
a bigger box then lastly how to use rotation on to do a box slide to fakie. C If this is the first time you are going to
try a 5050 remember it is hardly any different from riding straight down a slope but different
from a slope remember to keep both your skis completely flat against the box
and when you are on the box. Make sure your skis are pointing straight
down the box you don’t want to twist or turn anything on it so what you should do i basically
nothing good luck you will stomp it soon! Before trying a proper box slide you should
practise standing still in the snow. Stand with one hand in front of you and one
behind and when you jump you twist the legs the other way then twist back after you have
tried that try it while riding down a slope, do a power slide or skidding like this. This movement is called counter rotation that
is when you twist your upper body one way and the legs the other it is a great technique
for box slides and shifties. Remember a flat box is a lot more slippery
than the slope so be careful and stand absolutely straigh. In the in run you should have the
same arm in front of you as the foot you plan to slide with first. Ride straight onto the
box and wait a little bit before you start twisting, you start twisting about half way
over it then just twist back again at the end of the box. no matter which way you are riding remember that when you are one a box when you are twisted
around in the sliding position make sure that you are standing straight above the box lean
a little bit forwards and this is going to help you stay on the box and not fall over. so it is time to slide the entire box sideways one arm in front of your body and one behind
like normal make sure you pop of the jump before you start rotating. It is important then land sideways, you
can stand a little bit wider and you can have the downhill ski a little bit on an edge. Once you have done this on a small box and
you feel mentally ready to try a bigger one there is one major thing you should think
about. When you land on the box make sure you keep the arms on the side just
like before and you keep them there and still all the way until the end it´s first when
you pop off you twist around to straight. Common mistakes, often when people twist around
on the box they have the feet to close together and then crash make sure you have them shoulder
width apart or maybe even wider and if you move around your arms while you are on the
box you are likely to not be able to get of to straight so keep the arms still! Twist keep the arms keep em there twist back. Box slide to fakie before you try this on
a box take your skis off and try spinning when you spin you wind up some rotation as
you crouch down and when you reached far enough you release the rotation make sure that you
pop off the ground before you start spinning as you approach the jump wind up the rotation
and keep an eye on the box and pop of the ground before you start spinning and keep
looking at the end of the box when you are on the box look towards the landing and keep
the arms on the side this helps you slow down the rotation so you can stay on the box and
pop off the end and ride out switch. Doing it the other way wind up some rotation and
keep your eyes on the box pop of the ground before you start spinning keep looking at
the end of it keep the eyes on the landing and the arms on the side to slow down the
rotation Stomp It! so if you feel ready to stomp some new tricks get yourself the shredder
beginner pack and don’t forget follow us at Facebook Youtube and Instagram and you will
be notified when we drop new tutorials!

67 thoughts on “HOW TO BOX SLIDE ON SKIS

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  2. You guys have a great idea here. The description is very clear and thorough. I hope people start to see this and appreciate your videos.


  3. Thank you so much for making this video, it's so helpful! Keep on making these kind of tutorials!!!

  4. Thats not right to keep chest streight forward when sliding…that looks shitty, but for beginers its start for sliding…

  5. Very helpful video! Every question I had was explained, but I have another tip you could add. A common error on boxes is to try to lean and dig an edge into the box rather than riding parallel to the box. You show someone falling because their skis are too far apart, but also a lot of beginners will try to lean like a turn. Maybe in an update video you can add some advice on countering that! You guys are awesome! 🙂

  6. This really helped. I was developing a fear of boxes because I wasn't doing them right and I kept falling. Thank you so much.

  7. what is the differnce between these video's and the ones you pay for on the website?
    why should i buy those video's if i have these?

    keep up the good work tho

  8. I need a little bit help! When im going on to the box i always and up skiing backwards when im going to ski sideways. Please help!

  9. Jens, wont the shifty technique make it near impossible to do switchups and 270´s etc. later since your body is facing down the hill and not along the rail?

  10. man great video. however i have a problem skiing out of the rail in a forward position, I always tend to land sideways at the end like i am unable to get my 90 rotation out of the rail once i reach the end any tips on this? i can 180 out fine as shown in the video tho but have a hard time 90'ing back out forward. Ive seen people peddle out in other tutorials or is my solution just to really force myself to pop at the end to do the rotation

  11. My edges on my skis are completely stock, not touched. So when sliding on a box i get caught? like the edges go in the box and it stops? how can i do so this doesnt happen? (without round my edges)

  12. hey in your online packs there are also methods to practice without snow while waiting for it? I live near the sea so i can't go skiing a lot but i love it:(

  13. This is really helpful. I had an impromptu visit to the chillfactore a little while ago and tried to do a 5050 with no instruction. Needless to say I repeatedly smacked my head on it and went sliding face first down the slope. Someone at the bottom said that I had dedication though so I'm gonna take it as a win!

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