Moe is going to teach you how to build a
play rail. Ola YouTube my name is ricardo Lino over aka Bob the Builder
today I’m with Bob the Builder number two we can do it again Bob Bob Fisher
oh the Builder anyway I don’t really know the name but I do know that
Moe is going to teach you how to build a playroom
no I like to call it a step on because you can step on it now you shall be
stepping now you should jump on to it you should be stepping into the rail you
should just go for it go for it then with speed always the downhill skater
and two days ago most kidded in our playroom that one there for the first
time and at first it could only do back sides by the end of the day how many
grounds could you do I think it was like 12 or 13
often our you learn not to soul mizu acid pornstar Macchio backside switch
backside and then you learn all the top side ones and then even learn how to
stall in the kind runs so you learned you can also learn and that’s why today
we’re gonna teach you how to build one of these play rails so that you can
learn faster yeah so mo what do we need to do this playroom okay so what is a
little baton I think this is a 2 by 4 1 2 1 healthy and she’s here in America
and also need a nice piece of PVC so 2 inch PVC around 5 centimeters around 5
centimeters and this one is about I would say 35 which is about 1/2 inch per
inch ok so there you got it that’s what we
need and then also you’re going to need some flat pieces of wood to basically
make a base for our 2×4 to get on and get fixed on today and then of course
our PVC pipe you get it too complicated more I made one of these to be the base
and then these want to be the structure on top of the base which is this one and
then the other two will be the walls of the rail and the basement is the main
structure basically the one that is going to be the structure the skeleton
is going on top of the base here and then you want to show the other two what
we’re going to do with the other two and then what do we create on top we create
a little bad for what do you have to say about that little later that’s all
really basic but now we need to fix it are we gonna fix this the first thing
that we’re gonna do is check these you put you put the skeleton down and the
base on top you gonna Center it just like that and
you’re gonna squish from the top Moe’s gonna do it right now and you can see it so Moe just said yet is with working
skills are not the best like see with the PVC I just had to say so basically
now we’re gonna open a hole on the top of the PVC yeah just three this is a two
point four meter rail which is about I’m sorry I don’t know in feet anyway two
point four meter rail we all needed three holes I think Moe is more of a PVC guy okay now basically in the top layer
about PVC which is created L with a nice big drill bit so we can force our screw
straight through there and into the bottom part of the PVC so we can screw
it down onto a structure which is both so as you guys can see over here that
the screw it doesn’t really fit through but that is done intentionally so we can
actually just what we’re gonna do it is more so this little player L was
actually made for the USD kids if you guys remember Michael and Elijah they
like known as the super grams in aggressive skating down in Cape Town and
just once for them yeah basically they’re grinding game which is perfectly
normal because they’re super young it’s still super basic they’ve been doing
like front sides and back sides on ran with these you’re gonna learn how to get
more tech so we’re gonna give them this rail you’re gonna see us giving these
rails to them and then probably in the next videos you’re gonna be you’re gonna
check some more tech tricks from Elijah and Michael stay tuned let’s wait for
them to come now go get it it’s one two of you okay dramas window to another side window
next time I see you I want to see what you do Grimes and that’s how you make
two kids happy I hope you learned something today I hope you now know how
to make a play rail and I want to see her play rails let me know if you learn
it if there was if do you have any doubts about it and something I can help
you with and other than that if you like this you to give me some thumbs up if
you didn’t like it thumbs down but let me know what you didn’t like about this
video what did me are morally wrong in this video and like I always say the
most important thing is to not forget what we all started skating because it’s
fun cheers guys see you soon


  1. I am curios if the holes made with the drill may interfere with our blades? Like you can get stuck if you do a royale on that pipe? Or there's really no disturbing with those little holes? Thank you!

  2. Por favor hagan un vídeo en español sobre el sus experiencia sobre los patines 125mm porque yo no entiendo el inglés

  3. i want a video with moe doing grinds! should be very interesting.
    and btw i can totaly recommend the new usd backpack that elijah and michael got. Excellent quality and super comfortable.

  4. Hey, bro, I had commented on your previous video for a suggestion in regards to All terrain skates. The video Title is WORST LIVE STREAM EXPERIENCE // LET´S TALK ABOUT 125MM OFF ROAD INLINE SKATES // LIVE VLOG

  5. I made this today! So pleased!! Been blading a year and a half now and think I will progress a lot further with an accessible rail to jump on whenever I want.

  6. Hey hey, just a Short q. I built a grindbox with Those plastic pipes and i cant slide, i always got stuck… did you wax yours? Thx in advance and GREAT video!!!

  7. Hi guys. Love this. Can you give me the measurements for all the pieces involved? Didn't catch them for the triangular structure in the video.

  8. Hey Lino, could you tell me the exact dimensions of the pieces of wood used in this rail? thanks Man! and Gratz for your channel! its freaking awesome!

  9. I am planning in doing the same thing but without the 2 woods in the border, just the 2 in the center and the rail. Would it work?

  10. I built one last week and have been practicing. Here's my progress so far. Still not as good as Moe!

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