Hey guys! Whats up? We’re out here in LAAX today and we are going
to do some nose butters in powder. This is a follow video on how to butter on
skis. Make sure that you learn it on slopes first. Then once you got it you can start trying
it in the powder. Because powder nose butters are a little bit
more difficult so you have to be WAY more nose heavy and it’s also way more fun maybe
because it’s way more difficult. So when you do it in powder you gotta be a
bit more like this, almost like a double nose grab. Send you hands down there cause it’s so easy
that your tails get stuck, you will sort of have got to do a switch ollie out. But let’s do some and I’m sure you’re gonna
get pretty soon. Let’s hit it! I think I will try it down there. So when you start doing the nose butter in
pow it’s a pretty good idea to you know start like this, zero speed, drop in, you decide
I’m now gonna do a left turn or right. Then one turn bam hit it! So there is not so much to think about. Alright drop! Wind up a bit of rotation, wow that was fun! Alright let’s look at that in detail now like
we normally do. As you ride in and in this case turn to the
left I wind up to the right the opposite direction. This is awkward but you gotta do it and set
the rotation off. Tilt your upper body towards the side, I drag
my hand a little bit. One ski tend to come up for me but I keep
them pretty close together. I shove the noses down into the snow then
you have a lot of shin pressure when you are in this awkward position. After that you have a tiny bit of air time
where you have the time to get the tails down underneath yourself. This is important if you want to ride away
from this trick. As you see in this point of view perspective
it’s all happening pretty fast and you have to have a good amount of rotation in order
to make it around. Cause dragging your hands really slow you
down. Now when you’ve done that step where you start
with no speed, hit it, one turn bam. Do a couple more of them then start hitting
it over some roller or of this little wind lip down there. Same thing come in here with a carve. Wuuu, I don’t have any skis on me any more. What the f***. I ordered new skis with 16 bindings because
this is getting on my Sh*t. I normally on my park skis at least have my
din’s very high. Be careful with that but it’s a good idea
to have them a bit higher otherwise they’ll pop off. When you do it over a roller like this, you
see how similar it is to a hand drag? I don’t need to say much more about that but
try that a couple of times and eh once you done that try to connect a couple of turns
then throw a nose butter in there. Cause that feel really fun. Once you got down a couple of turns with a
nose butter in the middle, try it off a steeper run. Notice here when you do it on a steeper face
you get quite a lot more hang time off your noses. So it’s actually easier in my opinion it’s
just scarier. If you liked what you learned from this video
feel free to support this project by checking out our more in depth videos over at

22 thoughts on “HOW TO BUTTER ON SKIS | POWDER

  1. honestly you guys are one of the best skiing tutorial channels on youtube. I've been searching for years for videos like these breaking down every step and showing you exaclty how to hit features and tricks. Most people will just take a video of themselves performing the trick but not really go in depth enough like you guys do. Definitely will recommend to my Friends. Keep up the good work.

  2. How stiff are your boots in terms of Flex? I have Dynafit Vulcans and even though I used to be able to butter well on my old boots. I just cant seem to get enough flex into them or my powder skis/

  3. just got my first pair of powder skis, great vid but how likely is it to snap skis? probably not likely but ill be so fucked if it happened

  4. Love the enthusiasm, love that you don’t edit out spills. Really want to ski. Late April? Hmmmm……..

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