How to Buy a Horse Riding Crop

How to Buy a Horse Riding Crop

How to Buy a Horse Riding Crop. Horse riding
whips and crops are designed for a variety of purposes, including show jumping, dressage,
cross-country, hacking, schooling and polo. Here are some guidelines for choosing a perfect
fit. You will need Horse Crop Dressage whip Lunge whip and jockey whip. Step 1. Purchase
a riding crop — a regular size whip, for equitation or jumping. Consider one without
a strap to prevent injury to yourself. Riding crops and longer whips are used to correct
faults in a horse’s posture, movement, or understanding of a command. They are never
used on a horse with excessive force. Step 2. Select a dressage whip if you will be riding
in dressage competitions. This whip is longer than a crop. Step 3. Select a lunge whip if
you want a whip that can be cracked in the air to draw the horse’s attention. This long
whip is used on the ground and never comes in contact with the horse. Step 4. Select
a jockey’s whip if you will be racing your horse. This whip is wider at the end than
other whips, and makes a lot of noise when it comes in contact with the horse. Like other
whips, however, it does not hurt the horse. Did you know Riding crops and other riding
whips are made of a flexible material such as fiberglass and coated with leather.

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  2. Uhhh, that last one is not a "jockey whip". It's just a normal crop but a little wide. Racing whips have small leather straps coming off the side that resemble claws. It is to bring out the natural instinct of running away from the herd, if a large cat/other predator is chasing it.

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