How to Buy a Horse Saddle

How to Buy a Horse Saddle

How to Buy a Horse Saddle. Buying a saddle for your horse is next in
importance only to buying the horse. Here are some guidelines to keep in mind. You will need Saddle types Construction material
Used or new saddle Proper fit Experienced horseperson (optional) and return policy (optional). Step 1. Decide which type of saddle you need. Besides English and Western saddles, there
are hunt seat saddles, dressage saddles, and flat racing saddles to choose from. Consult an experienced horseperson if you
are not used to purchasing saddles. Step 2. Decide whether you want a leather or synthetic
saddle. Leather is traditional, but you have to be
careful to select good-quality material. Synthetic saddles are lightweight and easy
to clean. Step 3. Decide whether you want a new or used saddle. Many tack shops sell used saddles on consignment. Make sure the saddle comes with a return policy,
whether it is new or used. Step 4. Make sure the saddle fits the horse. Step 5. Make sure the saddle fits you. If it doesn’t, it will be uncomfortable to
ride in and it will throw you out of position. Did you know The Western saddle was adapted
from a design invented by the Moors of North Africa.

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