How to Buy a Horse

How to Buy a Horse

How to Buy a Horse. Owning a horse is most enjoyable if the horse
matches your personal needs. Here are some tips for buying the right one. You will need Horse Suitable temperament Riding
style Special skills Time Veterinarian and calm horse (optional). Step 1. Look for a horse with a temperament compatible
with your own. Be wary of a horse that becomes agitated when
approached. This can be recognized by the horse laying
its ears back or kicking. If the horse is interested in being approached,
it will put its ears up. If you are a nervous rider, look for a calm
horse. Step 2. Select a horse that has been skilled in the
sort of riding — English or Western — that you plan to do. Ask the owner to put the horse through its
paces. Step 3. Try out the special skills yourself when you
ride the horse. Step 4. Take your time making a decision about purchasing
the horse. Visit the ranch or stable a second time to
observe the horse’s behavior. Step 5. Ask the owner if you can borrow the horse
for a week before you make the decision to purchase. Step 6. Have the horse examined by a veterinarian
who is experienced in performing pre-purchase examinations. If all has gone well at this point and the
asking price is right, go ahead and buy the horse. Did you know The average life expectancy of
a domesticated horse is 25 to 30 years.

79 thoughts on “How to Buy a Horse

  1. hahah love that the part that says "you will need : a horse" no shit??? what you need is some cash to buy the damn horse 0:11

  2. Junkie : Hey man, you got the stuff ?
    Seller : you bet, what you need ?
    Junkie: 1 ounce, how much ?
    Seller : 25 bucks
    Junkie : All I got is this ounce of dope !
    Seller : have you been watching Howcast ?

  3. They forgot to mention that you'll need an extra job that pays an extra $600/month so you can afford to have your horse stabled somewhere.

  4. lol at :30 second, this can be shown by a horse kicking and they show a horse pawing which is often related to multiple things such as a horse being excited, bored or attention seeking among many other things, but that simply minor observation to the many things wrong with this fail how to vid how cast i recommend quitting youtube

  5. i stay subscribed to this channel because sometimes they have really useful info, and with videos like this, i wonder if it's worth it. lmao

  6. @GAGTVSHOW They say "personal needs"… The making of an animal-human sex, having fun eating its shit and playing with it while you're mastrubating.. and so much fun if it matches your personality.

  7. have to say.. hmmm there is much more to buying a horse.
    1. Know your ability and what you want to do
    2. Find out what training the horse is into.. ie: english or western and what style of either.. this can be HUGE in your expectation and the horses training.. few and far between are both
    3. know what you want to do with the horse.. the horse will be the least expensive part of your purchase.
    4. I have found that because i understood 1-3 .. the purchase of my horse.. has been the best

  8. why do you keep talking about needing a HORSE and a CALM HORSE in buying a HORSE, what you need in buying is CASH, not a Horse!

  9. hello, my name is Jason. I absolutly LOVE horses I know it may sound a little weird coming from a male but i really do LOVE horses the only problem is I haven't got one and my backyard is only like 7 metres wide and 19 metres long so I can't fit a horse in my yard. Do you have any suggestions? (other then try your front yard or buy another house) Thanx! Kind regards, Jason

  10. By 'borrow' a horse, they mean an lease (off site or on site) or a trial period.
    Both a trial & lease require a written contract Some owners require the leasee get temporary insurance on the horse. Same for a trial period.

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