How to Buy Horse Riding Boots

How to Buy Horse Riding Boots

How to Buy Horse Riding Boots. The type of boots you wear for horse riding
depends on your riding style and the type of saddle you use. Follow these guidelines and choose the right
pair for you. You will need Tall boots Cowboy boots Field
boots Dress boots Paddock boots and western apparel store (optional). Step 1. Select tall horse riding boots that come up
to just below the knee for field, dress, and hunting styles of riding. The boot should hug your leg. Step 2. Select cowboy boots if you plan to ride in
traditional western events. These boots reach mid-calf and do not fit
as snugly as English riding boots. Most western apparel stores can fit you for
cowboy boots. Step 3. Select boots with ankle lacing for use with
shorter stirrups. Called field boots, these boots are used for
jumping and fox hunting. Step 4. Choose a dress boot without lacing if you
want a boot that is stiffer than a regular riding boot. They are higher on the outside of the knee
to protect it from injury. Step 5. Select high-ankle paddock boots for pleasure
riding and everyday use. They are usually available with zippers and
rounded toes. Did you know Wellington boots became fashionable
after the Duke of Wellington defeated Napoleon at the Battle of Waterloo in 1815.

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  1. Your riding style doesn't matter unless you are doing shows. I ride western and don't use western boots. TRY DIFFERENT STRYLES AND SEE WHAT WORKS BEST FOR YOU!!

  2. How you buy riding boots:

    Step one: go to a shop that sells riding clothes

    Step two: find a pair that fits

    Step three: buy them


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