How to care for your tall boots

How to care for your tall boots

JEN: Hi there, I’m Jen and I manage SmartPak’s
Retail Store, located in Natick, MA. One of the most important purchases you make as a
rider is tall boots. They are essential equipment for those who horse-show, and a good pair
can help you solidify your position and ride more effectively. They are an investment,
and as such should be treated with care. When it comes to cleaning your boots, keep
in mind that it’s very different leather than you’ll see in your regular tack. Tall
boots are made with very fine leather, and field boots especially tend to be made with
a thinner hide, which allows the rider a close contact between the leg and the horse’s
side. With fine leather, it’s important not to
use most tack cleaning soaps or conditioners – these are too harsh and could damage boot
leather or strip it of color. After you use your boots, use a slightly dampened sponge
or cloth to wipe away dust, sweat and debris from the leather. Special attention should
be paid to wrinkles and areas that come in contact with the horse’s side. To help keep your boots looking their best
over time, a good quality boot conditioner should be used occasionally. One of my personal
favorites is the Der Dau Boot Conditioner. Whatever conditioner you choose, use it sparingly
or it may cause your boots to stretch too much and lose their beautiful tailored shape. Effax also has a really great line of boot
care products, and they even package them together in this handy case for easy storage
and transport. Keeping your boots polished helps to protect the leather and adds a water-resistant
layer, which really helps when you’re trying to walk through the early morning dew. Plus,
it makes your boots look amazing and adds a sparkle to your ride. Along those same lines, using boot trees,
like this pair from Ariat, will help to maintain the shape and prolong the life of your boots.
Keeping them upright protects the zipper, as well as preventing bends and folds that could
weaken or damage the leather. Speaking of the zipper, using Pharmaka Zipper
Saver Spray will help to keep your zippers clean and sliding smoothly, reducing the chances
of damage, which can be costly to repair. Last but not least, a boot bag is a great
way to protect your boots when you’re not wearing them. There are bags where both boots
are stored together, as well as individual boot bags attached with a strap that are handy
to throw over your shoulder. All bags have a soft interior surface that helps to keep
your boots clean and protected from dents and dings. I hope these boot care tips will help to keep
your tall boots in tip-top shape. Thanks so much for watching and have a great ride!

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  1. Hi @Sophie Paterson! Excellent question, but unfortunately, we are unable to ship internationally. We know it's a bummer, as we'd love to service our rider friends everywhere around the world, but it's not something we offer at this time 🙁 Have a great ride! – SmartPaker Nels

  2. Hey! I know a lot of people that keep their phones stored in the extra space of their tall boots. Do you know if this may damage the shape or interior of the boot? Thanks!

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