How to Carry Skis – Beginner Ski Lesson

How to Carry Skis – Beginner Ski Lesson

Before you even get the skis on, you need
to learn how to carry them properly. There’s a few different ways, the first one, we can
bend down and pick up the heel binding, and gently rest it on your shoulder. It’s a great
way to get around if you haven’t got far to go, or if you’re in a crowded area, you don’t
want to be smacking anybody on the head. But be aware, you need to pick up the ski with
the brake underneath the other one. If you get it wrong you’ll simply just take one ski
and leave the other on behind, so you need the brake to sit under of the ski that you’re
going to pick up. So that one’s underneath the other one, if I pick that up, it’s going
to take both with them. Another way, if you’ve maybe got further to
travel and a bit more space around you is to pick up the ski, take a good look behind
you before you do that, and place it onto your shoulder. There you go. Keep one hand
firmly on the front and let it sit onto that shoulder. But obviously we don’t want any
Laurel and Hardy sketches – be a little bit aware that you’ve got a lot of ski behind
you, and it could hit someone in the head. So be careful and look behind before you hike
them up onto your shoulder

22 thoughts on “How to Carry Skis – Beginner Ski Lesson

  1. Hi Zuipli, glad you found this ski tip useful, there will be a new ski lesson for beginners uploaded on Tuesday so keep an eye out. Enjoy your skiing!

  2. I am a total skiing virgin, lol. I just found your videos and am thinking "Whoa, who woulda thought skis have brakes?" Seriously, I am such a newbie- thanks so much for posting these. Its my 2013 bucket list wish to go skiiing sometime this year. Thanks again!

  3. The brakes are there to stop your ski sliding off by itself, I hope you have a great first experience and get lots of enjoyment out of the sport, thanks again.

  4. im going skiing in about two weeks and so worried! I've only skied once before and that was when I was like when I was 12! Everyone I'm going with are so experienced. I don't want to feel like an idiot. Your videos have helped though!

  5. It is like riding a bike you will remember lots, starts off and take it easy.If they are better than you don't try and keep up with them just enjoy your skiing.

  6. yeah hopefully! Would also want your advice on whether I should get beginner skis or beginner/intermediate skis. When I skated before I mainly went on Blues but did go on a red so this time round I'm planning to go on more reds but still blues. So would beginner skis or beginner and intermediate skis suit me better? Thanks!

  7. Huge difference. My cross country skis weigh maybe 3 pounds together, but one downhill ski weighs like 20 pounds!

  8. Wow… this was so informative been skiing 22 years never had a ski instructor show me those tricks! Imma try that next time i'm skiing from a cabin on top a mountain lol

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