How to Change the Wheels on Your Roller Skates

How to Change the Wheels on Your Roller Skates

Hey guys! Dan, from here.
Today we’re going to do a quick little video. Just a simple video on how to change skate
wheels. A lot of you guys already know that but we do get a lot of emails and phone calls
asking how to change out skate wheels and bearings. So we figured we’ll show you kind
of the way we do it here. It’s pretty easy. You’re gonna need something to remove your
bearings with and to put them into the new set of wheels. If you guys have seen my other
videos, you’ll know that the Bones bearing tool, quick, simple, easy, and it’s a go-to
here in our warehouse when we change these out. So, something for your bearings. Also,
we’ve got the Reflex tool. You’ve seen this in some other videos. If you don’t have a
Reflex tool, a half-inch socket set is going to take your wheel nuts off. So, grab yourself
those two things and then sit down. One other thing I want to show you guys, it’s a little
trick, as long as you’re changing out your wheels, go ahead and order yourself some of
the plastic skate nuts. These are the Bionic skate nuts. There’s also the Astronuts out
there and there’s a couple other brands, they’re all really good. But what they’re going to
do is a couple of things and we’ll show you here in a second. But, really what they do
is they keep from over-tightening your bearings. It’s pretty much impossible to over-tighten
when you’re using these, which is going to decrease your chances of denting in those
bearing-shields. Getting a lot better performance and life out of your bearings. So for somewhere
around six bucks, these are worth the investment. They also come in cool colors so you can match
them up to your wheels and I’ll show you how these go on right now. So what we’re going
to do, very simple, we’re going to take our half-inch socket and remove the old wheel.
This is also a good chance to kind of inspect your bearings to see if they need cleaning.
We have some other videos on how to clean and do maintenance on bearings. But, as long
as you’re doing that, you know, you get a chance to inspect your axles, make sure they’re
good. Clean them off if they’re dirty and then of course when we pull the bearings out
we’ll have an opportunity to do that also. We have our bearings and we’ll grab our little
bearing tool here. And depending on what kind of wheel you have, what kind of hub, sometimes
they take a little bit of muscle to get them out. Those aren’t too bad, though. So, we
have our bearings. Most bearings are going to have a shield on the outside that’s going
to have writing on it. What you always want to do is you want to look for some sort of
writing, some sort of markings, and those are going to go on the outside of the wheel.
So the outside one’s facing outside and the inside is facing inside. You always want them
pointed outside there in that writing. That’s going to make sure that they seat correctly
and you get the best performance out of them. So, how we do that, we’re going to take our
bearings, kind of inspect them, make sure they don’t need to be replaced, or that they’re
not dented, they don’t need to be cleaned. Give them a spin in your finger like that,
between your thumb and middle finger. Make sure they still roll nicely and just set them
in there. Then you can use your finger. These bearing tools always get them pressed in nice
and flat, though. So we always use those. There we go. Once again, once we’ve done that,
you’re going to visually inspect, make sure that they’re seated in there flush, that one
edge isn’t up more than the other. Check on both sides and then do the same thing. Just
give it a little spin test, and yeah, we look good on that. So, now we take it, put it back
onto our axle and take our new Bionic nut here and just seat that down. And you just
want them barely kissing the outside of that bearing. Like I said, these definitely keep
from over-tightening, but you can over-tighten with anything if you get too much torque on
there. You’re gonna get a lot of drag on that wheel when that happens. So you now see that
we’ve got a nice roll. So that’s the quick and dirty on how to change out your skate
wheels. Always feel free, hit us up on our Facebook page if you have any questions. You
can always email me at [email protected] and we look forward to hearing from you guys.
Thanks for watching!

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  1. When changing my wheels do I need to pay any attention to the barring size. When looking online I saw barring spacers which made me think there might be different sizes @Devaskation

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