How To Cork 360 & 540 On Skis

Nothing says control like a slow styled
out Cork 360. A Cork 3 is when you spin a 360 off axis. If a Cork 3 is
set slightly forward it is technically a Bio 360 and if it’s set a little bit too
far sideways technically a Side flip. Before working on your Cork 3’s, make
sure you have at least the starfish 360. It’s helpful to have other flips like
Flat Spin 360, Backflips and Misty’s dialled in before working on the Cork
3’s but it’s not necessary. For this method of learning a Cork 3, make sure
you are able to do an inside Safety Grab with your legs straight. This may require
a bit of flexibility. We want it to be a leading grab for this trick reaching
down to the grab and not bringing your feet up to your hands.
Don’t start reaching for your grab until a full 90 has been completed. Do it in a
360 but now wait until 180 to get your grab. To be ready for the Cork 3 you
want to be able to reach down to hold the grab without any pause. You also want
to be at 180 and float around the last 180 without flailing or using a Shifty.
Once the 360 is smooth with your inside Safety, it’s time to start trying to get
the grab when you’re at 90 instead of 180. Don’t change your starfish takeoff
and make sure it floats all the way around without a Shifty or flail
again. At this point it may feel like it’s getting off balance and just making
your landing feel off. That’s because it’s starting to Cork. If it doesn’t, it’s
very likely that the foot you’re grabbing is coming up instead of your
upper body reaching down for your foot. At this point it should be there or very
close. Go for the grab even sooner at 45 degrees but again don’t change your
starfish takeoff. Lastly pull your loose leg into a tuck
to really throw the whole trick Corked. When you pull in your leg things may
speed up a bit and make you land at 450 or even 540. That’s normal it’s
how you know the Cork is coming. Just focus on your starfish takeoff and it’ll
slow back down to 360. To make it look like the pros change up the grab from a
leading inside safety to a regular safety. If you keep the same leg position, the Cork will be the same. If you add a 180 at the end of it you have a Cork 540. Now you
have one of the floatiest tricks in the game, enjoy. I’m Dean Bercovitch from Ski
Addiction. Helping You Ski Better!

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