First of all. The best way to crash is to not crash at all. This you can do best by learning step by step. On trampolines, airbags and into powder. Just like we show you in every tutorial. You will still crash sometimes and then I
suggest. You should always try to land on your feet,
even if just a little bit on one foot or so. So you can take most of the impact then roll
and slide. In the rest of the tutorial, I will show you
how they learn to fall in Martial Arts. The only sport where people actually practice
crashing. Check it out. Hi, this is Jens at Stomp It Tutorials. Today I´m going to teach you how to crash. That sounds ridiculous but seriously its a
skill. Some people can crash all day and they will
be fine and some people will like trip over or slide a little and break the collarbone. So it’s totally a skill. So if you learn have to fall better it’s going
to save you probably weeks ands months of recovery time. Of really bad crashes that can cause some
proper injuries. I think I’ve been lucky not to hurt myself
too much because I had a couple of years of martial arts training and I think I will show
you what I learned then. In martial arts, it’s quite simple the the
theory they have behind falling well. When you fall you roll then boom. You keep your arm straight. Then you smash it into the ground. It hurts but it hurts way less than landing
straight on your hip and arm. So you like spread out the surface area of
the body as much as possible then smash. It makes you crash gently. That is pretty much what you should do. But oh boy I know I don’t always do that. But quite often, sometimes I do it at least. What you should not do is crash on your side
and land straight on your elbow. Or even worse like this. Because here we have a wrist, arm and shoulder
breaker. Here shoulder breaker. Yea that’s just crap. You can just start off in the beginning. Tip over like that and smash the arm really
hard. Once you’ve done it really small. You can go BIG! It didn’t even hurt. Once you’ve done it half big do it even bigger. And with speed! Aaaw that was great. So that’s the side crash. Key steps land on your side smash the arm,
maximum surface area. Learn it both ways! Since you never know where you are going to
crash. So that was the side crash. Now we come to the shitty one. The back crash. Luckily we are not snowboarders who do this
all the time. We do it quite rarely on skis. The back crash is pretty much the same. Start rolling a little. Then you smash it, arms on the side. And smash those arms hard on the ground. So the arms take up most of the impact. What you definitely do not want to do is something
like this or that. Because it bends your shoulder a lot! You can break your hands, elbows, shoulders. You don’t want to do that. So try to keep the arms here when you crash
on your back. Just having your arms in front of your body
is counter-intuitive but it’s going to save you a lot of pain. So roll a little bit. Oh Aow! Even if you do it right. Aow that was not very nice. Anyways, yea they forced me in martial arts
to do this hundreds of times. So that’s the back crash. Avoid having the arms back there. Try to keep the arms out here. Poles out to the sides ideally. But as I mentioned, no chance you are going
to be like. Flying through the air head first. Aah Stomp It guy told me to keep my arms in
front of me and smack them in the ground. You are not going to remember that but maybe
thanks to watching this you will avoid an injury. Because it’s in there deep in your brain and
maybe your body remembers it and brain too. And then! So you can crash on the side and the back
now the face. I crashed on the face one time on my bike. All this training did nothing for me. Check this out. That was 10 years ago. I went to the dentist and it didn’t go so
well. They took my teeth away. I get new ones soon but I am just saying. That crash was awful. Maybe you wanna see it. Check it out here. So I’m riding in on my bike. Thinking oh what a great idea to ride on the
front wheel down this stone ledge. I did it 2 times before but not enough. I took a bad turn and went diagonally across
it. Look at the teeth flying there. Idiot, moron. So what I am saying here is do not ride your
bike on the front wheel down stone ledges. But if you do and if you have the slightest
chance of saving yourself as you fly towards the face. I recommend crashing something like this. So when you land you have this little space
here to like absorb the impact. Yea I didn’t have time to do it that time
with the teeth. So I don’t like crashing on my face but anyway. I don’t like it man. Alright, don’t’ be a chicken now. That made you look like a real p-word. Did that? Yea. Ok lets do it bigger. I thought that was a decent landing. Yea it was good. The three falling techniques we had. Side crash, straight arm. The back crash roll back and the front one. Oh yea I almost forgot.Fourth one the often
double ejector in powder. It often happens when you drop. You land, the skis sink down and it just frontflips
you. You have about zero time to do anything about
it. More than tuck in and front roll. It not that much to think about. I bet you’ve done it in gymnastics. But if you have time to think about it I would
recommend the more martial arts kind of roll. Where you roll crooked over the shoulder. I think it’s way nicer. Cause you are less over the head. But when landing that drop in deep powder,
getting stuck it’s going to be a straight front roll. Like this. You can round it off with that same technique
as the side falling. This is the best one. You’re looking seductive. So that’s it for Stomp It Tutorials how to
fall/crash. I hope you enjoyed this tutorial. If you wanna save yourself from a couple of
crashes go out there and practise in the snow. You are going to look stupid doing it but
it’s so worth it. Maybe it is going to save you a couple of
weeks or months of rehabilitation time. So take your crashes seriously and practise
these 4 falling/crashing techniques. Cheers and be safe out there.


  1. I might be wrong but when doing the forward roll I find it better to tuck in straight forward because if you have tons of speed and you go tomahawking it keeps your body in line and less risk of hurting your spine and neck and stuff… I've done it a couple times and the times I've been straight it's hurt way less

  2. do you know that feel when you are in air and you know that everything is going wrong and that you get hurt very quickly

  3. I crashed two weeks ago and I broke my tailbone. I was going at 50 km/h in a skicross track and crashed really hard into the safety netting. I was going fast and hit a little jump and I landed on the tip edge and thats it. And now I suffer in pain.

  4. Broke my leg doing a cork 3 this season, thank you for this video. never really thought about proper fall teqnique haha

  5. My general crashing technique: Always keep the skis tightly together (to avoid broken legs and to be able to recover from the fall quickly.) When sliding head-first, I spin myself to get skis under me and use the momentum to get back up on them as if nothing happened or atleast use them for braking/slowing the slide.

    When it comes to faceplants, I do the front-rolling intuitively.

    I really like the tips for the side crashing, the worst I ever had was a bruised shoulder so nothing serious but I still find the side crashing the most painful.

  6. Funny how I just watched the video today but it could have been useful 2 days ago when I crashed on my first 720 attempt lol

  7. Ya, very useful, and it's universal. And a little addition: keep your head stronger and angle to breast (exp. front crash 😉

  8. This video is hilarious….
    You are such a funny guy…
    On a serious note, I applaud you for advising on possibly the most overlooked aspect of air time, the crashing. Ouch….!

  9. Every snowboarder is expert in falling techniques 😀
    Just wear right gear (full face, back protector, knee protectors, and crash pants is a must), know how to react and keep your arms clouse, and you will never do anything to yourself on snowboard.

  10. I'm sorry to say, but all your techniques were timed wrong, except the last one, which looked ok. It sure wasn't JuJutsu you were training.

  11. Thanks for making this. I have fallen on my wrist, even spraining it once and ended up tearing my MCL in my knee

  12. I broke my tibia because my skiis were too tight and didn't detach, so they got caught in the snow, my body had momentum, the ski stayed in one place and my body went on, so that caused the break, they got unstuck from the snow just after the movement was over.

  13. Just practice any tumbling falls, maybe pick two to do every day for a week, then once or twice a week after…, then your brain will be trained to auto pilot when you do begin to go down, and you won't be scared of going down, and since fear itself leads to being rigid phsycially which leads to crashing, you will have a psychological edge. At least that's how it goes in mountain biking. Dooooon't stick out hour hand as an impact point, maybe bend your arm and fall forward on forearm, or back on tricep (as shown).
    With a full face helmet, he would have teeth.

  14. Excellent videos Jens, saved me a lot of pain!
    Watching you falling about does my heart good.
    I’m just a beginner at this sort of thing and haven’t done any martial arts or anything like that, but please, when falling back and front, I notice you don’t turn your head to avoid impact to the back and front of the head like some more general instruction on falling I’ve seen recommends? I’d have thought it can be done really quickly in a fall. Since you do it different, why’s that please? Maybe it could have saved those teeth(!). But would it be risking a worse injury to neck/head in the process instead?
    Also, from having actual falls to the side several times on ice/hard snow this season, I had a lot of hip bruising problems. Maybe I was lucky not to break a hip joint and I want to avoid the possibility if I can. One thing some non-ski videos mention is a way of not risking your hips so much by turning your pelvis back/rotating the thigh 45 degrees to the surface before the impact. It looks like you’re doing this so you land more on the thigh/bum muscles, but you don’t mention it in the video. Is it part of the recipe for success?
    I don’t know if I’ve got any points here or not. Some of the other video instruction on general falling and martial arts I’ve seen isn’t so good for us skiers as we’ve mainly got skis strapped on our feet. That creates a different problem to falling without skis on.
    If there’s a point here for us which can help, would a bit more explanation in the video be something you might do maybe?
    Regards and thanks,

  15. Martial arts roll, Parkour roll (how I learned it), how ever you wanna call it. The advantage of it is that you secure your head inside of your arms first and then behind your body. The plan is that your head never even touches the ground. Also, by rolling diagonally you avoid rolling straight over your spine, which happens with the gymnastics roll.

  16. Pro tip for the MTB crashes when the front wheel starts to go and you are headed OTB, jump over the bars, can often land on your feet much nicer. (Either that or go for the roll)

  17. I did Martial Arts in grade school ( about 7 years total ) and I've only gotten to just starting 360's and hitting rails and it helps out a lot. I wanted to hit an A rail at the end of last season and I took my 8 tries to actually land one ( and it was higher in the air ). Letting your arms take the impact is very important.

  18. Ha currently I have a spiral fracture of my fibula from the binding not releasing on my last ski trip. There goes the rest of the season for me!

  19. The Backwards fall is dangerous for a whiplash so a chin tuck (keep te chin close to your ribcage/breast) is really necessary.

  20. I had some pretty crazy crashes (rolling 50m with my arms crossed) 3 weeks ago and this really helped me to not get injured. Thank you.

  21. If you‘re crashing on the front, do this and try to turn your face to the left or right. So you can prevent better for breaking your nose

  22. I am a really clumsy person so I fall all the time, and I don't mean in the slope but literally while for example walking. Parkour training has saved me a lot of times.

  23. I usually do the last one, and force a fall if I anticipate a crash (like idiots charging in front of you from behind in the slopes with no control – worse if two do it at once). Then you also get up quickly and the roll almost becomes one of those tricks in the other video.
    It's of course even better in deep snow, to make it easier getting up and to keep going.
    I recently pulled a sinew though… that was because of too loose ski straps (wore light mittens instead of my normal gloves). So there's another tip I guess.
    My hand is out for up to 6 weeks and I'm on painkillers+salva atm. It's not that bad but certain movements hurt or send stings downwards almost all the way to the elbow.

  24. Oh yeah haha and the best way to learn how to fall is to do it a lot.
    Done "stupid" things ever since a toddler, it really makes you agile/get good balance and good falling reactions.
    Broke my arm just a few weeks into trying board though, never went back. Went skiing with a cast instead.

  25. Is everyone just goning to ignore the fact that he is doing this on what appears to be a very rocky mountain with a small amount of snow to cushion him!?

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