How to Decorate a Roller Skating Party Birthday Cake with Jill

Hi, welcome to Sweet Art Made Simple I am so glad you have joined me today If you have not subscribed to our channel, I would love for you to join my channel Today I have a beautiful cake I am making for a little girl who is turning five She is having the birthday party at a roller skating rink so I am going to show you how to use cookie cutters to decorate a cake Here I show you how to use a skate cookie cutter and the other items you will need Our inspiration for this cake is this ice skate cookie cutter I want to show you how to use cookie cutters to decorate cakes I am not using the bottom blade of the ice skate and I’ll show you how to cut that off I am going to embellish the skates with these licorice pieces for the wheels I have edible beads to decorate I am using hot pink and white fondant I found these silver gum balls at a candy store They look like disco balls you see at a roller rink I am using a regal purple for the frosting Of course, these are things you don’t have to use. I am showing you what I am using, but hoping it inspires you to think of other creative ways to decorate As you can see, I already made three roller skates I am putting four on the sides of the cake Using an ice skate cookie cutter, I am pressing into the pink fondant Pull up on the sides Then using a pizza cutter or knife, cut off the blade Now the blade is gone Using a #12 tip, make 4 small circles for the laces to go I am using the #12 tip to decorate the sides of the cake later Then using some white fondant to make the show laces Make think strips with the pizza cutter Cut them about one-half inch You will need four for each skate Using some water, dab under the fondant to stick to the fondant skate Let it dry before putting on the cake To put the top of the boot, use white fondant Just use top of the cookie cutter to press into the fondant Using a pizza cutter or knife, make a small edge to create the top of the boot Dab some water and press onto the skate You can add more embellishments if you want. I am using a mini heart cutter to add to the skate As you can see, I have already put the three ice skates on the cake I decided to make the icing a regal purple Do know that when you use pink or purple food color, it can fade in the sun Luckily this is an inside roller skating party To center the skate, make a mark where the next skate should go on the side of the cake Put the wheels on first as your guide Take your roller skate and press into the cake I did let the fondant dry for 20 minutes This way nothing would fall off the fondant I am using this other round candy piece for the skate stopper Using white frosting and a #12 tip… I am making a small line border for the bottom of the cake Just a smiple border to meet each wheel There is so much detail, I don’t want to do anything fancy Eyes on the roller skates Up here I am going to make some cursive “e’s” to make a top border On top I am putting a Number 5. I found it at a craft store (Hobby Lobby) Because little Emma is turning five today Now, using these silver Disco bumble gum balls I am going to place around the top of the cake The kids love those It’s the one thing about cakes, the kids want to the piece with the candy If you can’t find these gum balls, you can add any candy that compliments the colors I am going to put the Number 5 here For Ms. Emma I will right her name here Here is our finished cake I hope this inspires you! You can use cookie cutters to make decorative cakes It makes decorating a lot easier I hope it encourages you to think of ways you can decorate

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