How to do FORWARD 3 TURNS in Figure Skating

How to do FORWARD 3 TURNS in Figure Skating

hey guys I’m Mary welcome back to my
channel today we are going to master the 3 turn hope you guys are ready for this
first we’re starting off with two foot turns in a standstill position note as I
am turning my head I am turning my body my knees are soft rising and falling as
I turn if we are turning counterclockwise
we are having our right arm in front clockwise left arm in front so focus on
your body position arm and head position on your stand still turns be sure your
feet are right next to each other not too wide like I’m doing here arms are
nice and level time to learn about edges woohoo Here I am on an outside edge the
outside of my foot is slightly leaning towards the ice now I’m going to switch
to my inside edge or the inside of my foot is slightly leaning towards the ice
that’s an easy way to remember a different view here you can definitely
see them on the inside edge see how my edge is leaning towards the ice now and
the outside edge my blade is really leaning over on the outside edge here
outside edge inside edge got it woohoo time to step it up a notch now our goal
on the three turn is to try this moving it is easiest to do this on a straight
line we are going to focus on momentum our goal is to keep driving backwards
after we remember to stay off your toe picks and after your turn just focus on
being on a simple two foot slide backwards thing on about the front to
middle of your blade you can also practice at the wall to make yourself
more comfortable gradually put less and less weight on the wall starting off
with your hands then balancing on your fingertips and maybe even just two or
one finger until you get the hang of it extreme closeup whoa when we were doing
a three-turn we are slightly lifting up our heel and turning on the ball over
foot as demonstrated here once you master these try to do it on a
circle we are going to start from a standstill position and our goal is to
hold a back edge for three seconds after to focus on keeping your hips square
they are going to freeze and not move at all they’re just going to simply trace
the circle while your arms they’re going to shift and rotate into the circle the
shoulders are going to move against the hips assisting your turn focus on good circle arms aka
the arms perfectly trace the circle at all times I think about hugging my
favorite person or animal who is standing at the center of my circle and
three turn let’s focus on checking every turn we
want to make sure our arms are nice and steady our circle arms after Earth we
turn that front arm is going to want to creep on backwards fight this urge try
to keep your shoulder and check and preventing it from sliding backwards if
so it’s going to swing you off of that perfect circle you were previously on
here I corrected the three turn and checked my movements almost ready for
one foot three turns a nice exercise is to start and two feet lift one foot at
the top of the circle and practice that last half which is the tricky part time
to practice one foot three turns woohoo we are going to start off on the tee
position our back leg is perpendicular to our front leg arms also in an L
position mirroring our feet yay for one foot three turns start off with a strong
one foot glide push in a tee position high five at the top of the circle I
like to think of that right before I turn four outside three turns we are on
an outside edge easy way to remember our outside foot is lifted up in the air for
inside three turns our skimming flip is leaning slightly into the circle our
inside foot is up in the air quick recap left for it outside the return skating
on a left foot right foot up in the air the outside foot for out right for it
outside three turn skating on the right foot our outside foot is up in the air
left forward in side three turn skating on our left foot our inside foot is up
in the air right forward inside three turns getting on a right foot our inside
foot is up in the air also note the edit I am on for three
turns we also want to focus on turning at the top of the circle here we are turning way too late and
here we are turning too early so we can’t make it back to the line always
make sure your eyes are up and that you are not looking down don’t drop your
shoulders don’t drop your hips as well have you free leg nice and relaxed
adjacent to you free leg so it is easy to perform your three turn remember to
turn in a nice controlled manner and skating we never want to forcefully whip
our body anytime never ever drop the shoulder or the hips
it will make you lose your balance I think about balancing two oranges on my
shoulders amazing work everyone with some practice you can add some pretty
arms connect your three turns play around with some fancy arms thanks so much
for watching guys be sure to LIKE subscribe and save as always my tips are
down below in the description thanks so much for watching and see you

16 thoughts on “How to do FORWARD 3 TURNS in Figure Skating

  1. This one is great too! I'm going to share with some friends who are just getting started. 🙂
    A bit off topic, but I'd love to hear your thoughts on boots and blade recommendations. (What do you skate in? Do you love a particular brand?) No worries if that isn't something you want to mention on your channel, but I'm gathering as much intel as I can!

  2. Thanks for posting this! I've started learning how to skate and I'm stuck with this. Looking forward to trying your tips – the zoomed in view was very helpful, thank you😁

  3. This video came just in time! I was working with my coach on flips last week and he noted that I kept jerking my right leg when I do the 3turn with my left leg in preparation for the jump. So I have to breakdown my 3turns and really work on them again. I learnt 3turns the way you did it in the video (with my other leg tucked in), but for the flip jump the other leg is hanging out, so I find that a bit different and more difficult to control. This video is really really helpful. Thank you so much!

  4. This was very helpful, going to try it during my next session. I have a horrible habit of forcing the turns or getting frozen and unable to turn. Sometimes I end up pitching up onto my toe picks and either save myself by hopping around or have a nasty fall. I think "bend, up, bend" but still can't manage it. 🙁

  5. Woww🤗☺ I really want to thank you for this video for me has been very useful. Y recibe un saludo con cariño desde la Ciudad de México.🌎

  6. YES! You're really the first one on youtube who really does useful skating tutorials. Better than our local personal coaches. Watched so many videoa but you you nailed it! Thank you sooo much! Adorable coach…

  7. Ooohhh I love the “pretty arms” portion at the end. 🤤 I practiced one foot turns the entire time I skated yesterday and they’re deceptively tricky. Thank you!

  8. OMG! When you were demonstrating the inside outside edges.. was that deep lean on both done just with your strength? You didn’t hold onto anything just standing still like that? If not, how did you position your body to do that?

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