How to Do Horse Stance Drills | Taekwondo Training

How to Do Horse Stance Drills | Taekwondo Training

I’m going to be showing you guys and teaching
you guys the horse stance drill. First, let’s start from the beginning. We’re going to be doing a chariot. A chariot means feet together and hands together
like this. Now we’re going to practice choonbi. Choonbi means ‘ready’. So we’re going to go one, open your left leg,
shoulders apart, two, and three. One more time. One, two, three and we’re going to kiyap,
this way. Now we’re going to go to our horse stance
drill. I like to put my hands X, spread your legs
a little more apart, bend your knees, keep your back straight, head up, fist on side. Now we’re going to start with the left punch. I’m going to show you a mirror image, so I
am going to punch with my right hand, but to you, it will be your left hand. So I’m going to punch with the left hand now. Now we could do two punch. I like to do a last one kiyap, so it’s going
to go like this. Three punches, and the last one kiyap. Now every school has a different basic horse
stance form. I’d like to show you mine. So I’m going to put my arms up and we’re going
to first do a down block technique. One. Now I like to put my arms up to the other
side, two. The next technique is called an inside block. Three, four. Now I’m going to show you a face block. Five, six. Now, seven, we’re going to punch, eight, we’re
going to punch, and only eight steps. One more time, a little faster. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight. Paro, Paro means ‘come back’. Then, chariot. And kyong ne means ‘bow’. Kyong ne. And that’s how we do our basic horse stance
drill technique in Taekwondo.

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  1. Horse Stance started in Kung Fu and was copied by other Martial Arts. And when you use a counting system it is usually spoken in the language from which the martial art came from.

  2. Is there a walking stance video my son is truly struggling with how to turn and when this video helped him with his high low and middle blocks

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  4. else me my way this way jong gu shi zhi rong chie he je goa shu zhi li zai la chin ching ih tien chien dai zai zen xa zhen hai ih xüe zhen

  5. I practice karate and i am a second degree black belt in karate and you should probably try it cause its really fun 👊👊

  6. Thanh you very very much for your Videos 💗. I am so happy when i saw those Videos . I hope you guys keep going on . Wishing you guys all the best .

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