How to Do the Horse Stance | Shaolin Kung Fu

How to Do the Horse Stance | Shaolin Kung Fu

Hi, I am Sifu Romain teaching you the horse
stance, in Chinese we call this Ma-Bu. Ma meaning horse, Bu meaning stance. To begin with we’ll start with the hands on
the waist. An easy way to find the distance for the stance,
which is approximately 3-1/2 feet, is to start from your standing horse position, feet shoulder
width apart. From here you’re gonna pivot on the balls
of the feet, toes in. Now you’re gonna pivot slightly on the heels,
toes out. And one more time on the ball of the foot,
toes in, and squat down into your stance. If you’re still unsure if your stance is proper
the width between your legs should match from one elbow to the next. Now the horse stance is one of the most important
stances in Kung Fu; it provides you with a lot of stability. It’s a great way to isolate the legs while
training the hands. For example, if he holds his hand out, we
could do basic punching, punch, punch. We could do blocking techniques, overhead
block, inward block, outward block, downward block, etc. So back to your position here okay; this is
also a very strong stance if I push from the side you can see how stable that is. It’s a very good stance to use from a defensive
standpoint as far as fighting because it blades the body, which means it limits the amount
of target area that’s open. I’m Sifu Romain, and that’s how you do a horse

48 thoughts on “How to Do the Horse Stance | Shaolin Kung Fu

  1. guys, if really want to know Kung Fu, Martial Arts, MMA
    Go to google Bruce Lee's interview
    He explained it very well
    Using no way as the way, using No limitation as the limitation—-Jeet Kune Do's concept

  2. yeah there are variations but they are teaching basic horse stance in shaolin which means it should be lower

  3. exactly the monks do a horse stance for 2 hours parralel to the ground balancing bowls of water on there legs, arms shoulders, and head.

  4. actually, to even become a monk, they were required to hold this stance for 24 hours- it was to weed out the weak ones, and determine who really wanted to become a monk

  5. Doing the horse stance means you're a wall blocking a path. People saying a kick to the nuts is the most opening spot and the most vulnerable way to take out a horse stanced person. It is true BUT there's actually a way to train getting kicked to the nuts and not feel any pain. Some martial artists use that intensive training for almost 5 years of getting kicked in the nuts. Once they're comfortable of getting kicked in the nuts, meaning NO PAIN of nut kicking, you completed your ultimate defensive wall. So horse stance + no pain from kick to the nuts = ultimate defensive wall

  6. kung fu you actually have any knowledge of the Chinese arts or do you just watch kung fu movies and post vids on YouTube!!?? from what you say and how you speak I somehow doubt you have any actual training….

  7. Horse stance is supposed to be same as riding a horse. Ride a horse, then remember how wide it is, then copy it on an imaginary one. You'll notice your feet are really supposed to be slightly planted on the outside of of your shoulder width. That wide stuff is after the cultural revolution where they erased the combat portion of it.

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