How to do the LOOP JUMP! Figure Skating Lesson

How to do the LOOP JUMP! Figure Skating Lesson

in no time you guys will be doing double
loops hey guys I’m Mary welcome back to my channel we’ll be ready today to
master these loop jump let’s get to it I think in my opinion the loop jump is the
hardest I jump so don’t be frustrated this one does take a while to get but
before we learn the jump we’re going to master the half the half loop
jumps half revolution in the air the loop jump a full revolution twice as much
time in the air inside three turn and check reach this position before taking
off hit that toe pick and jump then we are
landing opposite leg back inside edge next let’s try the loop jump on a
circle remember our arms are directly over to circle and knees bends
I also remember to look where I am jumping I’m here so my head is always following my left arm is before I take off so as we bend I think about doing a
quarter turn on the ice we’re here shoulders above the hips arms over the circle bend bend bend just a quarter our left arm notices
stays above our leg the whole time before we bend the elbows pull in and take off
by bending the knees I’m creating power that way I take off when I take off this right leg make sure
to reach the toe pick remember the H position on top so when I take off you
can see this I’m kind of like this in the air nice and open think about getting off the toe pick think
about the knee getting up in the air and in skating for jumping it’s always
important to get up in the air first focus on the height and the
revolution and rotation will come afterwards so in the loop jump we are
making a 360 degree turn we’re doing one whole revolution in the air which is
super exciting let’s look at the loop common mistakes I see on the loop jump
is forgetting to take off the ice so often times when you’re learning the loop
jump you see people trying to cheat and do
the whole rotation on the ice like so I never quite get off the ice because of
the way too much rotation on the ice I also never hit my toe pick another condom loop jump mistake is bad
timing with your arms and legs the upper half of my body is not in sync
with the lower half of your body throwing me off balance so I’ll just make sure
your arms are working together with your legs so I think about being a puppet you
know how puppets have these strings with arms and legs are attached at the same
time like this that’s what you want to think about anything small thanks so
much for watching guys be sure to like subscribe and save next up is a flip
jump see you guys next time

7 thoughts on “How to do the LOOP JUMP! Figure Skating Lesson

  1. Thank you so much for making this! I'm working on my single loop with my coach (and I think everyone who is able to have access to a coach should work with one for things like this!) but it is SO, SO helpful to hear things explained again, and be able to watch your technique and explanations over and over. Just having exposure to a different teaching style can really make a difference. 🙂

  2. Thank you for making this video! This is the best Loop Jump tutorial, and thanks to you I actually did it this weekend. I went from hating this jump as I don't like the three turn enterance I had learned to absolutely loving it!

  3. i'm just starting to learn this jump, and this video makes everything so much more clear! excellent teaching, and excellent video (:

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