How to Draw a Horse: Step by Step

Hi, Tom here and in this week’s video
I’ll show you a simple way to draw a horse, in this drawing a use of 4B pencil,
but any pencil would do, first draw a circle, it can just be a rough circle,
it’s a basic shape for the front of the horse, next draw a slightly smaller
circle on the left, leaving a gap about as big as a small circle, now we can draw
a big oval to fill this gap between our two circles, next draw two lines from the biggest
circle going right and they get near each other as they get longer for the
neck, now draw a small circle for the top of the head and then another circle
slightly smaller for the mouth area of the head of the horse, then we can join
these two circles together with two short lines, next draw a circle for the knee of the front leg of the horse, again we can join
this circle with two lines, now we need another smaller circle for the end of
the leg and then just two narrow lines to join these circles together, then we
could draw a wedge at the end for the hoof of the horse, we can repeat this
process for the second front leg, but this time I’ll draw it going straight
down to the ground, you could have both front legs going straight down to the
ground, I guess, now we can read across the height of the knee of the leg on the
right to find the heights for the circle for the leg on the left, this circle
needs to be perhaps slightly left of the center circle above it and then the
lower part of the back legs will come forward, again we can repeat this process for the
last back leg of the horse too, at this stage we could add the ear and maybe
some marks to indicate where the tail goes, so, all we’ve done really is just
blocking the basic shapes of the horse first, rather than add any detail, which
can happen later, next we can smooth out some of the lines, building on these
basic shapes that we have, horses are very powerful animals and I think it’s a
challenge to draw the power but also the elegance of a horse, you could add some spirals to your
drawing to indicate the form of the horse, I find that helps sometimes, so
that you get away from just drawing the outline of a horse, but start to think
about the 3d structure within it and then you can sort of find the lines for
indicating bits of muscle and bits of outline later on,
we could also block in the eye, the nostril and the mouth, but everything is
still in a sketch form at the moment the next step is to erase the lines that
we no longer need, in this sort of drawing I think it’s best to draw the
basic shapes first, but then to be very willing to correct anything that you
think you can improve, just by erasing that one area and redrawing it, rather
than erasing too much, I’ll draw the ears going forward, then once you are ready
you could add some tone to your drawing, some tonal value, for this drawing I’m using a
4B pencil and I’m going to make the horse quite a dark tone, but I’ll leave
some sort of reflected light in it, maybe using an eraser to get the
highlights back in, if you’d like to learn more about
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