today I’m going to teach you how to
impress your skateboarding friends – Olá YouTube my name is Ricardo lino and I’m a wheel
addict today I’m going to teach you how to impress your skateboarding friends or
not friends in the skate park . no I´m just joking but I’m going to teach you how to
do a fish brain and the fish brain is kind of like a blunt on a skateboard so
that’s it I’m going to teach you how to do a fish brain on the coping so where
does the name fish brain come from I don’t know I think the guy that invented
the fish brain or at least the name his name is Tom fry and it was an Australian
guy that used to be like a legend and inline skating legend back in the 90s I
do not know why is it called Fishman but I do know that a fish brain it’s
basically a top side Makio and for those of you who don’t know what a mac you is
well and we bring my reel the aggressive skates usually of this part called the
sole but it’s not so as olee its sole as sole our own so that’s how we call it
it’s the soleplate and when you grind it one foot only on the sole something like
this weight something like this when is Ryan like these with one foot it’s
called a Mac you but it’s in fellow coming from this side
and locking here if I come from the other side and lock here kind of like a
backside Matthew it’s called a Fishman and today I’m going to teach you how to
do these fish rent on a copy what’s the coping a coping is that
mental part that you have on the top of a quarter pipe mini ramp or vert ramp
when you go up on one of those transitions on the top there’s the metal
part and that metal piece is called coping how do you Fishman it there’s the
few progressions that you should learn before I start doing Fishman the first
thing that you need to know is for you to be able to do a Fishman you need to
be able to do a backside stall and that’s where the problem start for a lot
of people because a lot of people can always be in one way and most of the
times for you to do a topside you need to be able to spin the opposite way at
least to a lot of people so I would suggest you first to learn how to go up
and spin 180 degrees lock both feet on the copping one way and then learn it
the other way too if you are able to do it both ways then
we can go to the Fishman and the first progression of the DS would be instead
of spinning the full 180 degrees you’re going to spin only 90 degrees because
that’s what you’re going to need to spin into a Fishman so basically you go
straight you spend 90 degrees and you’re going to stay with one foot on the deck
on the top of the ramp and the other one stays in the transition and then spin 90
degrees back into the ramp this will allow you to start filling the
rotation that you need to do to a Fishman once this is easy what you can
do next is you keep the same foot on the deck on the table top of the ramp but
the other foot is now going to try to lock on the coping for you to be able to
lock on the coping you need to know that your knees need to bend you are not
going to be able to do is different if you don’t met your knees it’s as simple
as that it’s not really about the fruit painting
it’s about your knee if your knee bends then you are able to do a Fishman so
like I said the second progression would be one foot goes on the tabletop the
other one tries to go on the coping this is what you need to do we go up one foot
on a tabletop the other one with coping and then 90 degrees and back in once you
start filling this is easy for you then the next progression would be try to
lock the topside food the fish great fruit and avoid the the other one that
was on the tabletop now to touch it if for some reason something goes wrong you
can always put the tabletop foot down and that will make you feel safer not
too bad right once this is starting to feel easier for you you can play a
little bit with the fruit which isn’t locking you can leave the free food
behind you can put it in front you can put it on the side you can grab it
there’s a few different variations of the fish right these will make you
master the Fishman store but what I want to teach today is that the fish
principle cause the store it’s the easiest part now we want to learn how to
grind so for us to learn how to grind we need
to know how to carve into all these progressions I’m going to drop into the
ramp I’m going to carve before getting into the top and then I’m going to again
go to the first progression when I leave one stood on a tabletop the other one on
the transition and I’m going to try to roll like these I’ll do it a few times
until I feel comfortable and once I feel comfortable in these then the fruit
which is rolling in the transition is now going to try to grind basically it’s
the second progression that you just did before you’re going to try to grind with
the topside suit and the other one will roll on the tabletop that’s not too bad
it’s easy right after this one of course it comes the fish right
try the exact same thing but the tabletop fruit will now try to stay up
and without touching the tabletop what you need to know is you need to balance
really nicely on your food if you lean back too much you’re going to fall
backwards if you lean forwards too much you’re going to obviously fall forwards
and you also need to lean into the transition because if you stay too much
on top obviously it’s going to be impossible for you to keep the free food
in the air without touching the tabletop the goal is to grind on one food only
it’s the fish rent one the one that goes bent and splatting on this part the sole
part and once you start doing these of course you can go faster and do it
longer and do a lot of different variations of the Fishman you can do it
freestyle without a grab and when you do the freestyle you can put the free foot
in front you can put the free food in the back you can even put the free food
on the side or you can grab it and even when you grab it you can grab it our
different position so a fisherman can be a really really stylish trick and it can
be stylish in a lot of different ways there are some guys like John Zulu that
usually fish run with grabbing the foot in the back and then there’s some guys
like this French guy used to call Jeffrey Lopez used to have one of the
best fishermen or even match your element and they just grab it in the
front so there’s a lot of different ways of doing the fish brain and you can put
your own touch in it but for me the most important thing is that you learn out
the Fishman and I hope this video was helpful for all of you and
hope after this video you are able to do a Fishman let me know in the comments if
you could do fish burns after watching this video and if you could it
what are you dealing with what’s the hardest part of the Fishman for you I
hope I can help you and if you did like this video don’t forget to give me some
thumbs up if you didn’t like it give me some thumbs out let me know in the
comments why I didn’t like it maybe next time my video will be different after
your feedback and I’ll be able to help you and if you’re not subscribing to the
channel now it’s the time to do it and again thanks for watching hope to see
you soon cheers guys


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  2. This. Is. It. This my dear Lino is currently my ultimate goal. I saw Soichiro Kanashima do it and I said, "Dan this is it." Thanks Lino for showing us all how it's done. I am nowhere near ready for this but when I am, I know who to go to. At this point in time I'm trying to master a simple 180 from skating forwards to backwards and vice versa. Thanks to your various videos I have made a sorts loose plan for my skating progress in terms of challenges, many inspired by you. Next challenge for myself is skating the local track backwards with a reasonable amount of efficiency or skate my old elementary school and throw in some small hops and jumps to get me to your other tutorial video of grabs. Thanks as always Lino.

  3. Awesome Tutorial Ricardo. Can I ask you why you seem to prefer "cheaper" models like aeon or sway? I roll usd montre carbons so i wanna know. Even Montre swapped to Sway lately :D. Maybe a Sway Review would be great. Greetings from Germany

  4. This is one of the things I love about your channel, your ability to explain stuff in simple steps so we all understand. I've never used aggressive skates in my life, but I still learned today haha. Looks like a lot of fun, I'm really a freestyle skater but I watch all your videos as they're all entertaining but also I learn some things about aggressive skating.

  5. Thank you for the tips. My favortite fishbrain variation is the "Rocketfish", Basically sit down with with free leg straight and grabbed in front. Super stylish!!!

  6. Gonna try working up to this starting tomorrow. Thanks for the progressive approach — so much better than just going out and hurting yourself ;). My stalls are pretty good on general, but having a hard time not falling on the coping when trying to grind.

  7. Hey Lino this video has got me wondering about renaming various tricks in our Aggressive Tricktionary? Some of the trick names must have an upgrade. First off is the 'backslide'. Does not sound edgy enough? Petition to rename it to…..(drum-roll)…..'DICER!'. Eh? 😀

  8. I used to fish brain on pboxes and rails, after an injury I lost it and didn't do it in many years, now I can stall it all the time but for some reason when I try to grind it I loose balance towards the table top

  9. Tom Fry apparently smoked so much pot that he had the "perma-bake" thing going, and was so forgetful and spacey that his friends joked he had the memory of a goldfish (which supposedly have a 5-second memory)…. a "fish brain". When he invented the trick, people just used his nickname for it.

  10. Some more pictures+video clips for the last steps, progressions and for the pro references would be nice <3

    Would be nice to have a video clip on this explanation like a short visual of "how to land that grind":

    Really cool references! Their names spelled in text and maybe one more clips would be very inspiring to see!
    – 6:32
    – 6:38
    – 6:42

    Super relevant topic and trick (to break down) in my opinion

    Thanks for the video !

  11. woah these grinding techniques are so cool :0 I can barely skate backwards but eventually I'll get myself on ramps!! Thanks for the awesome vids and inspiring people like me with them!!

  12. Lino, shared this video onRoller Blading Bay66 Thursdays LDN UK SkatePark page – Bladers of all abilities welcome.

  13. Yeh that's helpful to practice the movements of the fish instead of just going for it. I always think I can do it until I'm looking over the rail and I get scared

  14. I can't learn like that. I never have. I have to go balls to the wall from start and I'll fall til I get it. I stopped skating like 15 years ago. After I got my life together I needed something to keep me out of trouble so 3 or 4 months ago I started skating again. 1st day I was hitting all the beginner tricks. Royale, soul almost anything that I didn't have to topside with. Topside stuff is coming slowly but it's coming nevertheless. And Unity use to be one of the grinds I had perfected but now my legs feel funny crossed like that. I can't seem to get it right so I help off on it until I'm 100% comfortable on skates again. Cuz I'm still getting use to them. Once they feel no different than my sneakers then I'll be good. That's how they use to be I hope to get that back. I use to feel better on skates then I did with out. There was no thought I just did. But any way, I have to just go and fall to feel what I'm doing wrong and correct that every time til I got it. That's also how I build confidence in the trick cuz I know the worst that can happen if I miss so I can go at it 100% cuz I know a fall can't be worse then the 1st few falls while learning it. At least most of the time. Still love your vids, wish there was more in-liners around here and a few shops would be nice. But I still love to roll, even if it's just me.

  15. Very nice. I've always struggled with topsides in general. I've never thought about the progression of the backside stall. I can backside stall, but it's interesting to think of it as being part of a fish on coping

  16. If i grind my wheels are rotating my friend says it dont count he said its forbidden to roll the wheels but is it possible to do a fishbrain without rotating the wheels?

  17. enjoyed it alot, this will be my challenge next time on skatepark^^, thanks dude it helps me so much. pls do some more tutorial/ trick tipps like this

  18. You were absolutely right, if you bend your knees, It will slide, I tried just like you explained, I locked it awesomely and slide it like a boss, thank you so much!

  19. That’s a great tutorial! I really love the level of details you put in it! Keep it going! Really appreciate your effort.

  20. I was told by the local rollerfags this was called a 1 footed soul grind,fyi they are actually homosexual,which is cool for them,but this fishbrain has got me confused,cuz they do a 1 foot soul backwards and I think they call it aly hoop,they tried to explain it but I tried it and was too difficult on the 3 ft spine ,anyhoo

  21. I can't fish brain,but I can salmon guts now,thanks…..seriously doe alright explanation.

  22. I would love to see a:
    – how to air a vert
    – how to do rotation in vert
    – how to air a jump box
    – how to do rotation on a jump box

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