How to Fit a Samshield Helmet

JULIEN LECOMTE: Hello, my name is Julien Lecomte. I’m the President of Samshield America. I’m pleased to present to you today a French
helmet: Samshield. SmartPak offers three different product lines:
the Shadow Matt line, the Premium line, and the Custom-made line. Today, we’ll be demonstrating how to properly
fit yourself for a Samshield Helmet. Now, allow me to demonstrate with the help
of Rebecca how to fit a Samshield helmet. Hello, Rebecca, how are you? REBECCA: Good, thank you. JULIEN: First, you need a soft measuring tape with
centimeters measurement and the help of a friend. Then, if you have long hair, we advise you
to put it in a low ponytail with an elastic. To start, we are going to take the measurement
of the head to make sure the helmet fits properly. So use your soft tape measure. You want the tape measure to be above the
eyebrow, right behind the ear, and on the widest part of the head in the back. Rebecca is size 56 centimeters. If you refer to the sizing chart at,
it will be a size 7 for Samshield. So, Rebecca, this is a 7, black alcantara
Samshield. If you don’t mind, try it please. REBECCA: Sure. JULIEN: So, we want to make sure that the ponytail
is not in the way. Now, you need to adjust the helmet. We don’t want the helmet to be too high in
front or too low in front. It needs to be straight and align at the eyebrow. The helmet needs to be snug at the beginning,
since we are using memory foam liner covered with ant-microbial fabric. This is why if you are between two sizes,
we advise you to go with the smaller size first. After a while, the liner’s going to warm up
and take the shape of the head. Now you can tell me, since you’ve been wearing
it for a few seconds, how is it feeling in the helmet? REBECCA: I think it feels great. It has a nice even pressure all the way around,
it doesn’t feel like it’s going to move, and it’s not pinching anything. JULIEN: Good. So now, what’s going to keep the helmet on
is the chin strap. So the key is to adjust the chin strap properly. The Samshield chin straps are attached to
the shell. They are made with nylon that we cover with
memory foam for comfort and leather for the look. We, also, gave an angle to the chin strap
to make sure the rider can adjust the chin strap without struggling. So, if you look at the camera, we see that
it is too loose here. The chin strap must be adjusted properly for
maximum safety, to stop the rotation of the helmet, and shifting. So, you want to adjust with the velcro and
have one finger. So now we are going to try with her hair up. We advise you to put your hair in a hair net
to spread it properly inside the shell. So, Rebecca if you don’t mind. Make sure the elastic of the ponytail is outside
the shell, inside the harness. It’s a nice look, and it does not change the
fitting of the helmet. Since you have more hair in the helmet, you
may have to readjust the chin strap. As you can see, it’s a little bit too tight
here, so we’re going to loosen it up a little bit to make sure that we have one finger,
we’re still safe, and you can see, it’s more comfortable. So, thank you for watching. If you have any additional questions, you
can contact SmartPak. They would be very happy to help.

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