How to Fit Hiking Boots

How to Fit Hiking Boots

Hi, my name is Gemma and I work for Mountain Warehouse In this video We’re going to talk about how to properly fit your walking boot Bring in the right socks that you’re going to wear Also, any foot-beds Any Orthotic’s Or any things you need to put in your boot Before you’re going to start trying them on The first thing to remember is that… When you’re trying the boots on To put both boots on Don’t lace them up yet but just wiggle your toes around Make sure that you can spread your toes evenly to the ends of the boots And, also When you are standing up in the boots you should be able to push your toes right to the front of the boot And then, you should be able to get your index finger down the back of the boot Another test that you can do as well, Just to make sure that you’ve got the right fit for the boot Is to stand up And gently rock to and from, on the balls of your heels On the balls of your heels ? (laughs) On the balls of your feet! Then rocking back to your heels Another thing you can do as well, Is, crouch down And bend forward And that will see whether your heels are lifting out the back of the boot Because you don’t want any heel lift at the back Because that means that if your heel lifts up at the back, over a period of time… That can be what causes friction And that can be what creates a blister The boot needs to have room for your foot to swell into it And that’s a really important thing And that’s sometimes when people find the most problems Is because the boots are actually in fact too small Similarly though, you don’t want to go for a boot that’s too big A lot of people just assume that Because they’re buying walking boots They have to go up a size And this just isn’t necessarily the case They vary a lot between styles and fits and cuts So, you might be a size 7 in one, but then you might be a size 8 in the other So, size doesn’t always determine what you actually need Once you take your walking boots and you’re happy and you’ve tried them on If you go home, wear them around the house for a minimum of two hours Because that simulates a 4 or 5 hour walk Then, that’s when problems seem to occur At least if you’ve worn them in the house And got the label still on You can bring them back to store and try on another pair Whereas if you’ve just taken them out and worn them straight on the hill And they end up not being quite right Then you obviously can’t bring them back And that’s a bit of a disappointment So, it is quite a fine line of getting something that has a little bit of room in But not too much room That you get blisters Normally when people lace boots They’ll go right up to the top Like this… And then tie a bow at the top It’s all very well and good Keeps it on your foot, no problem The only problem with that… It doesn’t put the pressure in the correct area on the boot What this does, is it just pulls pressure around the thinnest part of the ankle What you’re actually wanting to do is lock the heel down into the back of the boot And again, prevent the heel lift So, really simple trick Is just pretending you’re lacing the boots upside down Go around your heel lock Cross over And then go right to the very top of the boot There’s like 101 ways of lacing boots differently But this is one in store which we feel is the simplest Then go round again And then you’ll tie the boot at the bottom So, there’s only really an inch gap from the bottom to the top But what that does is it just puts all the pressure down to this bit of the boot And again, it will stop the heel lift If you’ve got a boot like this That has one little cleat at the top There’s not a lot of point in lacing that any different But when you’ve got the boots with 3 different eyelets It’s just worth considering The way that you lace them up can quite alter the fit of the boot And it will feel totally different in the shop Sometimes it’s a good idea to lace one that way and then one the way you normally lace it And you can feel the difference It’s quite surprising Sometimes rather than getting a brand new pair of boots There are other options that you can get to… Breathe life into your old faithful favourite boots There’s 3 things you can do with this 1 is just really simply putting a new pair of laces on That’s a good way of readjusting the tension on the boot And just making the fit that little bit more precise Because over time the laces do stretch And that means that the tongues stretch as well New socks You can never beat a new pair of socks Over time your old walking socks get all compressed The stitching in them also becomes a little bit compacted Mens boots and ladies boots, they are very similar to look at But sometimes the width can be narrower or broader So particularly if you have a smaller foot but you’re a chap Then you could always go for ladies boots In a black or a grey or something that isn’t purple And then if you’re a lady Maybe with a size 8 or 9 foot Then a men’s boot is maybe an option as well Just because it has a little bit of breadth over the toes This is an example of one of the PU mid-soles that we do As you can see it’s got a lot of thickness to it All you have to do is simply take out your old foot bed And then put this one back into it It will give you a lot of bounce A lot of spring And it will make your boots hopefully feel like new Hopefully you’ll now be armed with a little bit of advice for when you come into store for some boots Just remember to not go with the first ones that you see Try on a few But also, give yourself quite a bit of time It’s not a process that can be rushed You have to make sure they’re comfortable for you And, I hope you get the right ones and happy walking!

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  1. Nifty tips. Also important is to put your feet backward (and not forward) in the boot while tying it. This goes for any shoe or boot, by the way. In my younger years, I put them on wrong because I put my foot forward too much. Done it that way for years until somebody straightened me out on how to properly fit a hiking boot. It's amazing how something as seemingly simple as putting on footwear can go wrong. 😛

  2. Wow!! I changed how I tie my boots and I can feel a huge difference. Better blood flow to the legs and less pressure on the ankle!!

  3. You should be proud of yourself!
    I really like seeing how enthusiastic you are about these products and how you explain what to look for in the boot alongside with perks of product and the flaws of these products. I trust your guidance thank you.

  4. Thanks for this video. I laced both pairs of my boots as recommended this week and it was 100% better. Thank you, wish I had known this 20 years ago.

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