How to Fit Horses with English Saddles : How Use Riser Pads for an English Saddle

How to Fit Horses with English Saddles : How Use Riser Pads for an English Saddle

Hi! I’m Kelli on behalf of Expert Village.
I am going to show you my techniques for saddling a horse with an English saddle. So once you
have your saddled placed on the back, you want to take a good look at it and see whether
or not you need to put a riser underneath. Just from looking on this, you can see her
saddle kind of dips a little bit in a downward slope, so that is telling me that we want
to up a riser underneath her saddle to keep everything more even, everything more level.
That is going to be more comfortable for her and more comfortable for you as well. What
we are going to do is we are just going to take our riser pad which is this here, we
are just going to lift up our saddle and we are going to slide this right under. Make
sure that it is properly fitted underneath and then we will just put this one strap back
on our billet here. So you can see it makes the saddle fit a little more level on the
horse’s back so it is going to a lot more comfortable for her and it will be a lot more
comfortable for you as well.

10 thoughts on “How to Fit Horses with English Saddles : How Use Riser Pads for an English Saddle

  1. Idiot Village, not Expert Village!
    100% incorrect.
    The saddle is sitting in the wrong position, it needs to be shifted back about 5 inches. Get a saddle that fits and place it in the correct position.
    Expert Village should REMOVE this junk from youtube.

  2. if ur saddle doesnt fit properly, you shouldnt be using it in the first place! a riser pad should only be temporary!

  3. "once you have the saddle on YOUR back… " D:<! i didnt think that you were gonna ride me!?!?!?!?? go to 0:08 for proof! geez i'd be in the hospital by the time she got on my damn back!

  4. Ummm yeah that second pad is not fitting right u can clearly see the saddle sticking off the one side I'm not a huge expert on saddle fitting but I do know that's going to cause pain down the line to your horse especially if its ridden like that all the time

  5. im 15 and i know better, im not saying im the best or anythin but all im saying is you dont put saddle blankets under when you fit a saddle. I usually fit it myself and if im in doubt then i go to a proffesional. begginers who see this video will get the wrong idea and might incorectly ''fit'' their saddle and cause their horse to get back problems. ive seen people who do it, its not good

  6. I have to use a tiny English saddle for my young students. The really small saddles don't fit well in the first place. I finally was able to get a riser pad and happy my little ones don't have to ride up hill anymore

  7. Why is she going off of what the saddle looks like with two pads underneath? It might have made a difference if she just took the thick fleece shaped pad off. I don't see a need to use that on top of a square pad unless there's a purpose for it, and in this case, it didn't help the saddle fit, but potentially interfered with it. I don't see an issue with using a riser when needed at all, but if you're using a thick combination of pads and then that, the saddle is probably not going to work. There's a difference between corrective padding and excessive, and this looks excessive to me.

    It's ideal to check saddle fit without a pad, though your average square pad should be thin enough to not interfere with your fit in the first place.

    Also, it would help to discuss which type of riser pads are helpful for which issues, as there are many different kinds and some lift in the front, while others lift in the back, and still others provide pretty even lift all over.

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