How to Fit the Vortex Tall Boot | Ariat®

What we want to demonstrate here
today is the fit of the new Vortex boot and as you can see it has a more
intricate design with the zipper here It’s a feature that fits up a little
different than our standard tall do that go up the back.
So therefore entry is going to be a little bit, little more different
going into the boot. So what we want to do, first off let me tell you a little bit about
Jenn’s foot before we go into the booth. Jenn’s one of our fitters for our
sample size 7 and she has a, probably, her instep is probably right in between
a medium to a more prominent instep and she a good length and good ball, heel to ball length measurement for our size 7. Also she fits our sample size
Medium Slim on the calf measurements as well. So let’s go ahead and demonstrate
getting the foot in. The foot’s going to kind of turn into the boot first off so
we’ll get the forefoot in kind of turned in and as far as we can get it. But then
we’re going to take the shoehorn. Now traditionally when you use a shoehorn in
a shoe or a boot, you’ll put it down to the center of the boot. That’s not the
case with the Vortex. It’s going to kind of go off to the side laterally where we
have, this is the leather zipper guard, and it’s going to be kind of be kicking
off to the side. Same thing with the wearer’s foot. We’re probably in there about two to three inches. And then go ahead and push down. And as the foot enters the shoe horn comes out. And then go ahead, we can go ahead and zip it up and we also like our legs to fit drum tight. So
sometimes the zipping may take a little bit of effort at the beginning but once
you go up the leg it should go up as you just demonstrated from Jenn. Let’s go
ahead and try the right foot. See if we can get a good angle for you. Here we go.
Alright now Jenn’s just going to demonstrate doing it by herself. So after the wearer gets home, they’re not having the person in the store help, they can do it, it seems so easy they could do it themselves. Again it’s kind of angled to
the edge. The foot is going at more of an angle and it slides right in. It was
really easy and go ahead and zip up. And what we noted with fitting, after
the person tries it on a few times, it actually gets so much easier that you won’t even need a shoehorn as you progress with wearing
the boot. So I think once the leather gives and it warms up and breaks in
around the foot and leg, the person’s just going to be able to put on the
boots without using the shoehorn. And there’s the foot going into the boot without
the shoehorn.

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