That was a preview of all the stuff you will
learn in our player intermediate pack. Now lets see how to do a front flip on skis. All the indoor training is only in our full
tutorial over at intermediate pack. Anyhow I thought I would show you the steps
I think you should take before you do it on snow. Step 5 let’s steep in our bindings and do
it onto a big air bag, into powder or on a water ramp. Just like in the trampoline part of the tutorial
it is VERY important that you keep your knees shoulder width apart so you don’t knock you
face in them. Cause I tried loosing my front teeth. I wasn’t on a front flip but it sucks! Let’s get back to the serious part of the
tutorial again. First time you’re riding towards the foam
pit (air bag, powder or water ramp). Keep your hands above your head lean back
a bit and send you body forwards. Push off from the back foot and move your
weight onto your front foot. Then you kick your back leg up into the air
and pop as hard as you can off the front leg. Try to send the body as the arrow shows I’m
not doing it perfectly here but try to send it like the arrow! Then you are gonna get better pop. Most people send it pretty much like I do. And also in the air tuck your head in this
is for safety reasons and pull your knees up a little bit so you get better rotation. It is a good Idea that you fold your legs
in so you get the skis underneath yourself because you are probably going to land on
your back the first time. Under rotate a little like this. Thanks to the fact I’m folding in my the legs
underneath myself a bit I could ski away even if I really under rotated. When you have done several successful attempts
on the you are ready for snow. Step 6 front flip on snow. The first jump you are going to try your first
frontflips off should have a pretty short transition of the jump it gonna give you a
good pop and make it easier. The landing should also be very soft so it
doesn’t hurt to bad if you land on your back or so. The first jumps you’re trying this on should
(ideally) look like the jumps you’ve been trying it on big air bags or powder foam pit
or whatever. But in this jump for example it is too long
the kicker(transition) sending the body backwards to much and you have to really send it so
hard forwards. That’s why I want the transition of the jump
fairly short. Like this jump. The timing when pop off the front leg needs
to be exactly at the end of the kicker. Then swing that back leg up in the air. Tuck your legs in a bit into a little meatball. Then you’re gonna get pretty good rotation. As you see in this point of view perspective. It is all happening very fast and you have
hardly no time to spot the landing. Anyhow when you ride into the jump. Look straight ahead. Then pop just at the end of the transition. As you leave into the air pull up your legs
relax a bit and enjoy the ride. You can use the sky and the sun to orientate
yourself then fold out your legs. It’s all happening very fast but with practise
you will know when you’re gonna land. Then you can do the front flips pretty much
anywhere on the mountain. Side hits, rollers, jumps, next to rails,
off rails anyhow good luck stomping the front flips! And don’t forget to follow us on Facebook,
Youtube and Instagram and you will be notified when we drop new tutorials!

71 thoughts on “HOW TO FRONTFLIP ON SKIS

  1. I know this is off topic but whenever I 360 on skis it always seems as tho my legs spin faster than my upper body and my head is lagging behind a little. I can still land the 360 fine but I feel it looks sloppy any tips to fix this?

  2. any tips on how to overcome that scary feelz right before trying a new trick? Im always afraid of doing new tricks just like backflip and frontflip. I can do them on trampoline pretty fine, even on flat ground. But when it comes to skiing, im always super afraid…

  3. Man that's awesome. Your videos a great. Please don't some continuing.I am from Germany ( Border to Austria 5 min ) and i have no chance to practice on sporttrampolines and every Waterramp is 3 hours away. So i had to do much research for learning new tricks, because I only can try it park. With your tutorials I was able to learn a 360, Backflip, and Cork 5 (Tried a Cork 7 :D). Thank you man!

  4. hi…i see your tutorial many times and are very useful and techincal..
    i'd like to see a tutorial for switch skiing, simple but feel really confortable in all the situation is not so clear for me. Hi everybody..
    [[GoPro Pistoia]]

  5. no air pillows or foam pits in my country as far as I know. And no powder this year either, but damn it looks fun. I need to try this asap

  6. I have a trampoline would it be a bad idea to try being my skis on there? And do the skis affect the rotation a lot?

  7. Cool video ! Could you do a tutorial for the flat spins on skis please? It would help a lot of people I'me sure.
    Thanks for all

  8. Very good video m8 😉
    I think i will try it on the weekend… What do you think, should i try it over a small kicker or is it better to do it on a side hip or something like that?
    Keep on with your great videos;) i realy like them!

  9. I can frontflip very comfortably on a trampoline and on the ground, should I try this on my skis? I dont have any foam pits or air sacks or anything to try this on. Is it any different than a normal frontflip? Just wondering because I really wanna try one.

  10. I ski at a very small ski hill and the jumps they have are not very good, especially for frontflips. I really want to try to prove to my brother that I can do it. I think I should make a jump. Any tips on how to build it?

  11. just a little question : I want to do either the front flip or the back flip and I don't know by which one I should begin to try… a little advice for me ?

    thanx à lot for all the mates you do ! it's just perfect and clear !! big up !!

  12. OK thanx 🙂 but yeah its true I'm more scared to try back flip than front flip but if it's easier I will begin by the back ^^

  13. what do you recommend doing if your local mt. is kinda shitty and has a total of 2 jumps, 3 rails, and 1 box in it's park all year…. There are some better mts that i go to sometimes a few hours away but i cant go there all the time because it's expensive and I'm a student.

  14. I do it with both legs at the same time.. Is it easier to to it with the one leg first and then the other leg?

  15. I'd like to ask you, what's your height, and whats the length of skis you ride?
    It would be nice to see a lot of answers from the other guys, who's riding the skis.
    I'm just trying to figure out which length do i need, i got 176 line skis step up 2012 and my height is 178, so i'm trying to figure what's better for me 164 or 171 Armada el rey 2016, i appreciate your answers guys.

  16. What a nice video … only a dream for me .. never in my lifetime … how pretty and well balanced. I see it in my mind but could never make my body do it. Guys like you that will walk a young man through the trick safely are key. Very nice video. Thank you.

  17. i tried frontflip on snow and my fucking ski just fell of and i made double flip to the snow 🙂 it was what a experience ;D

  18. Thank's mates! I stand in front of the jump and i really wanted to do it. Than I thaugt: Did Stomp it tutorials upload a tutorial for the frontflip? And yes!! Really happy with my frontflip now 🙂 Thx a lot!

  19. I can back flip and front flip on tramp and theres no airbag at my ski hill. I'm way more confidant with front flips but the pop for them scares me on jumps. what inverted arial trick should I try first that is low risk (misty, rodeo, etc.)

  20. i have never ever tried to take a front flip on skis before, we don´t have a air madras either, but I´ll try, thanks

  21. I want to start working on flips, but I don’t know what to start with. Are front flips easier or backflips? I’m more confident with backflips on a tramp.

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