How to Glove Slide? Downhill skating tutorial

How to Glove Slide? Downhill skating tutorial

What´s up guys, my name is Andreu Greses
and today I´ll be showing you how to glove slide with inline skates! Obviously, for the glove sliding technique
we´ll need some gloves like this one. It´s important to start easy to get used
to the pucks and the slide on asphalt. For beginners, the safest and easiest way
is to stay low and in control. Also if you fall, it will be less hard and
painful. When you feel comfortable in this position,
stand up at the same time you are carving Extend your legs and if done correctly,
you will be sliding. During the slide, don´t extend your legs
fully, as it will determine the braking performance. With more extended legs,
braking efficiency will drop down. As you can see,
when you do this technique the braking distance is increased
compared to regular parallel slide. This technique is adopted from the
evolution of longboard slides. Those are the steps: 1. footbrake,
which equals to our T-brake. 2. frontside glove slide
& backside glove slide 3. stand-up frontside, same as our parallel slide
& stand-up backside Alright guys, that was all of one year
slide technique research! Together, let´s make it grow &
more efficient every day. Soo, PEACE, LOVE & #DHfuerte!!!

16 thoughts on “How to Glove Slide? Downhill skating tutorial

  1. This thing should be here a long time ago, when people started dooing this on longobard! Cmon skates companies, wokr it out! I will be much happier to have Rollerblading DH cup in my country insted of the Longboard one.

  2. Me parece de los mas cool esta técnica con rollerblades!, tenia tiempo buscando esta informacion, hay muy muy poca info sobre este metodo para disminuir la velocidad en downhill, muchas gracias por subir este video bro!!

  3. Video rocks, music sucks, a rock would give more adrenaline to the video. Nevermind, video liked _o/

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