*Groans* *Music* 5-4-3-2 Let’s roll! This is how we roll, this is how we roll, this is how we roll. This is how we roll, this is how we roll. Let’s roll, this is how we roll, this is how we roll, this is how we roll. Let’s roll out. Roll out. Roll out, roll out! Roll out! Roll out. Yes! Hey guys, welcome to episode six of Planet Roller Skate. I’m here with Millie– Hi! And of course roll
around and Windy. And we’ve been getting a lot of in the comments section about how you go up and down staircases on your roller skates. So we came to the prettiest staircase in L.A. In order to teach you exactly how to go up and down. [Music] Gonna shift to new dimensions [Music] with my love and light intentions [Music] They don’t know me, I’m a space queen [Music fades.] There really is no right or wrong way. However you can get up, however you can get down you can crawl, just make it happen. But there are a couple ways that make it a bit easier and a bit safer when you’re learning. So…let’s do it! The biggest and most dangerous mistake you can make when you’re stepping down stairs is stepping onto a straight leg. If you step onto a straight leg like you lose all stability, so be sure that whenever you’re stepping down you absorb even more into that lower leg
with every single step you’re bending your knee. Perfect Millie, thanks for the demon-skate. So the easiest way to go up and down stairs (I think) in your roller skates is to face the handrail with your feet parallel to the
stair and then step up either one stair at a time… Or crossing over. Just like Millie’s doing. You can come down the same exact way. [Music] When I break my matter down to a particle or wave [Music] I can rendez-vouz in France [Music] Or skate in outer space. [Music] And maybe play the light [Music] These colors burn so bright [Music] They’re gonna blow your mind! [Music fades.] The second way that people really like to go up stairs is on their toe stops. So when you go up you want to
make sure your facing forward. Hand on the rail. You can either go one stair at a time like
normal or you can do the double step. Step up. Step up just like Millie’s doing.
Awesome! Whenever you come down the stairs on
your toe stops you want to be sure to go backwards. If you face forward that’s pretty
risky– I’m not gonna tell you not to, I mean it would be pretty impressive but
backwards is definitely the easiest method. Awesome. [Music] Grab your homies.
From the mansions to the ghettos we can party in the cosmos They don’t know me I’m a space queen.
[Music Fades] Am I doing it? *Indy laughs* *Indy* I think that’s a great job, Millie! All the way down! *Indy* And all the way up. Another way which is probably the easiest
way to go up the stairs If you don’t have a handrail is to duck walk. So your toes point out and you’re actually kicking the stair in front of you as
you’re walking up for stability. [Music] [Music] Ride the novas on the south, baby. [Music] Blastin’ asteroids with my laser beams. [Music fades.] So the duck walk down the stairs
is something I saw the guys in Paris do They would seriously just like, sprint down and I was like, “How are you doing that without just rolling right off the stair? They were saying, “Well you have to kick it!”
So I’m, gonna try I’ve practiced a couple times but not that much so here’s my best
attempt… Wish me luck. Go Indy, go! Wow nice! *Indy*And, uh, duck walk down, I’m scared. Yeah! Okay, it needs some practice. So the same thing whenever you’re going down. You’re actually–heels out, and you’re kicking here. Kicking here. Kicking here. And now: we race. Ready. Set. Go. [Music] [Music] I gather up my power [Music] From the ashes of this tower [Music] And I will walk [Music] Across the bridge of stars [Music] I will follow the pathway to my truest high. [Music] All alone, up on the mountaintop, I’ll find the pieces of myself that I once forgot.

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  1. your videos are so helpful… this probs wont make any sense but one of my main issues with skating when im out in public is the little bumps before u cross.. i have fallen over so many times and i was just wondering if there are any tips you may have ? <3 thank youu

  2. I have rollerblades this is how I do it but I’m 10 I live in Canada no it’s not cold all year round we have hot summers too ;-; but I rollerblade with my neighbour and I am getting better are going backwards:)

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