How to Groom a Horse : How to Pick Up the Back Hooves of a Horse

How to Groom a Horse : How to Pick Up the Back Hooves of a Horse

Hi, this is Mara Keith-Hunter for Expert Village.
Today we would be talking about how to groom a horse. Next we are going to pick out the
back feet. This could be a little harder as they need more support picking up there back
legs. But it is the same idea we are facing the back. You are going to lean your weight
against the horse. Run your hands down his leg squeezing. Then pick up and support. You
might have to pull out a little bit towards the back. Same idea with the hoof pick. Just
picking out the dirt along the side of the grooves. Along side his frog and then using
the brush to finish. Being careful when you pass behind always making sure that they you
are back there. I would move him over and then leaning up against him. Running your
hands down his legs and then supporting with both hand until his relaxes and you can pull
it out using the hoof pick to take out, clean the grooves. Then brushing to finish.

25 thoughts on “How to Groom a Horse : How to Pick Up the Back Hooves of a Horse

  1. Why do you blanket your horse this just messes up there winter hair and if the blanket gets wet there always stuck cold

  2. This horse, and other horses that compete or do any kind of physcial activity in the winter have their coat shaved. Had you let a horse grow their long thick winter coat and then make them break a sweat. while its chilly outside they would be exposed to hypothermia. So clipping a horse is ensuring that none of this happens. Horses that are clipped are blanketed 24/7 to make sure they stay warm.

  3. my horse newwaygo will never let me pick her back hooves, every time i try she gets impatient and starts pulling away from me and side steps and tries to kick me. help?

  4. Im lucky my horse picks her own back legs up for me. when i first got her i used to go around the back of her, run my hand down and before i got anywhere near the bottom she picked her own leg up. and i thought she was threatening to kick me. but SHE WASNT. she was being helpful….bless her xxx

  5. at 0:44 what a memory when i was little i went to horse camp my horse name was sophie all the time when you picked her hoof AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! she would step on your feet dig in dirt and shake her hoof!

  6. I have had my first horse for three days and he hates his back hooves being picked out. He will eventually pick them up but then will wave them about and it is worrying because i don't want to get kicked. the front two are fine. any advice?

  7. unless you don't trust your horse, you can walk behind him/her.
    I've washed and braided SO many horses right behind them.
    I know pepole will say it's not the smartest, but i trust that they know not to.
    If you train them to know they won't get away with anyt bullshit, you're fine

  8. @Daltonjohn96 accually you should once they relax you pull out because for horse that kick out with their hoof already stretched out its impssible to kick yu

  9. I always tale a few good steps out and rest my horses entire lower leg against my thigh. He has a tendency to pull away and this makes it much easier for both of us, as I can give him way more support with my leg than just my hand if he wants to put a little more weight on it.

  10. @stickom Its better to stand right up next to their butt than to walk 5 feet away from their butt. They can't kick you very hard if you are right next to their butt. If you are a ways away they can get up more speed thus creating a harder impact giving you a sore spot for a few weeks, or worse. Hope that incouraged you a little.

  11. I have been riding horses for almost 4 years now and I have never once picked a horses back hooves xD All the horses I've ridden are terrible with their hind legs lol. The horse I own now is terrible with her back legs too, she kicked the farrier and I'm so scared to pick her hooves so I have one of the trainers at my barn do it lol.

  12. you are supposed to put your hand on the inside of the leg when picking out a back foot because if that horse snatched his leg away and kicked you would have a broken arm, i trust my horse but every horse can kick and will kick so i hold the back feet properly when i pick them out

  13. you make it look so easy, my horse wont pick up one hoof and we have to give him pills to make him sleepy and then i do it

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