How to Groom a Horse : Introduction to Grooming a Horse

Hi, this is Mary Keith Hunter for Expert Village.
Today we’ll be talking about how to groom a horse. So to begin with I find it helpful
to have the horse on my cross side so you can have both hands to do the grooming. It’s
always important to have a full supply of the necessary grooming tools. I like to have
an assortment of curry combs, hard and soft so that you can work on both their body and
their face. You also want to have a hard brush to get most of the dirt and mud and then you
also want to have a soft brush to finish and you’ll also need to have a towel for polishing
as well as a hoof pick for picking out their hoofs. Then you’ll also want to have a brush
for their mane and forelock and a basic comb for working on their tails. It’s important
not to use a brush on their tails because you don’t want to pull out too much of their
hair. Then, optional equipment is various coat polishing equipment such as show sheen,
vetulin shine, things that help to condition and keep their coats shiny. And you also can
use hoof polish or hoof conditioner and that just goes on their hoofs and keeps them healthy
and oiled and just in good shape. And also a good product to have is something like a
detangler to use on their tails so you can just get the knots out with ease.

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