Today we’re going to learn how to hand drag
on skis. This is a really fun trick, but it’s a little
tricky and I suggest we start out practising this trick in normal shoes or maybe ski boots
too, it’s definitely easier in shoes. Find yourself a nice flat surface. It’s sort of like weird cartwheel this trick. Stand neutral and you have to sort of pop
backwards and put your hands just behind you and get your legs a little in front of you. It’s a little strange but let’s have a look. To do the hand drag on flat ground. Imagine yourself that you are carving to the
right, wind up to the right, then you start carving the other way after you start carving
you start to unwind as well. As I pop off the ground I look where I am
going to put my hands land there. Then you have to put quite a lot of force
onto your hands so you pop of the hands and come up onto your feet again. This is very important on skis as well. Imagine you come in with a carve, carve the
other way and then…. ahh. And off course when you do it on snow it’s
important that you get the timing right so you put the hands down just on the top of
the knuckle. You don’t need to get your legs so high up
but it’s of course cooler if you do but you don’t need to. You can actually go something like this, looks
silly but it’s really what you would do. Something like that. Practise a couple of times on flat ground
like this and then lets take it to snow now. Step 2 let’s find a good roller. It should have a fairly steep inrun and also
a fairly steep landing so you don’t have to hit it at that much speed and also gives you
enough time to put your hands down then add some pressure onto them then pop off. If it looks like this, a fairly flat in run
you have to lean down a lot in order to touch the snow which is difficult. And also when it’s flat like this your hands
are gonna touch the snow for such a short time not giving you enough pressure off your
hands to pop back to your feet. So an ideal one should look something like
this and have a soft landing or one of these weird shaped things are pretty good to get
started. Because you can send you skis to the side. Step 3 warm up. Do first a lazy boy hand drag. Just sit down drag your hand pop around. It’s pretty much like a 180. Then go to that good roller we were looking at! Not like this it’s to hard. Send you feet up in the air and down with
your hand. You must have a lot of pressure on your hand
in order to get the skis down otherwise you will not land on your feet. Let’s do the hand drag 3´s on snow then! If you have jump that looks like this try
it on it and then do it on the good roller. This is good because you can carve up and
leave your skis on the side of the top. This makes it very easy to get the hands down. Try to lift the noses of the skis up because
they can get stuck. Then push of hard when you are in the push
up position a then your legs going to come down because if you don’t push hard they don’t
come down naturally on this trick. Now when you hit the good roller. Come in carving and come in carving pretty
hard like this. It helps a lot to get the chest pointing down. As you carve for the final carve you have
to wind up some rotation then you start setting it off when you are skiing straight forwards. Pop of the ground and I send my chest downwards
and the skis I try to get in front of the hands. That’s important in order to get into that
sort of push up position. Also when I pop off I try to time the hands
so they touch just before the top of the roller and if you use poles point them towards the
sides but rather DO NOT USE POLES! It’s quite a big risk of hurting yourself. As you see in this point of view perspective
you come in carving. Carve pretty hard, pop off, down with the
hands and around. It is an awesome trick it is so much fun! So let’s look at some common mistakes like
this. Here’s a couple ones in the same attempt. First of all he is riding a roller that is
too flat then sends his body straight to the side instead of backwards. Backwards sets off a nicer rotation and then
he shoves the noses into the ground. He could have fixed that by lifting up the
feet by using the hamstrings. Landing on your hip is off course not cool
and that could have been fixed by more pressure on the hands and pop off the hands harder. With all this in mind do like we talked about
before come in carving pretty hard wind up and do this on a good roller, start the rotation
in the middle of the carve and send off pretty hard that chest down and behind you
feet and try to get the skis in front of your body so you get into that nice push up position. Where you push off from the hands and then
onto your feet. Once you got it you can learn hand drag 5´s,
do it over fun nipples things like this. Remember the latter is fairly tricky and you
can crash a lot learning it. Any how I wish you the best of luck and have
a lot of fun learning the hand drag 360´s. And don’t forget to follow us on Facebook,
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27 thoughts on “HOW TO HAND DRAG ON SKIS

  1. thanx à lot for this video ! I ve never understood how to do thus kind of tricks but now it's gonna be much more easier ! looking forward to try it !

  2. bit random but what editing programs do you use (esp for the arrows — do you use a digital drawing stylus)

  3. Would you recommend being confident in regular 360s first, or would this be a good starting point to then learn regular 360s?

  4. Greetings! Tell me how it should be configured mounting skis on which the weight of the real, so as not to unnecessarily unfastened. And how to prepare technically for more tricks?

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