How to Hike Blister Free! Sara’s tips for a Painless Thru-hike, Camino, or Long-Distance Walk

How to Hike Blister Free!  Sara’s tips for a Painless Thru-hike, Camino, or Long-Distance Walk

the painful blisters or hot spots on
your feet ever stopped you from enjoying a hike it has for me and over the years
of thousands and thousands and thousands and thousands and thousands of miles of
hiking around the world I’ve developed the system that allows me to hike
blister and hotspot and pain free with my feet and I’m gonna share that way to
you right now first thing you want to do before leaving on any Camino or
long-distance hike is to cut your toenails and you want to use these types
of scissors those toenail clippers are not good because when you have your toe
this is your toenail you don’t want to cut in the rounded shape because in the
corners you can get an ingrown nail so when you cut your toenails you just want
to cut the excess straight across so you want straight across toes very important
never I mean never never ever ever never get a pedicure because when you get that
nice pampering stuff they sloth all your wonderful calluses that you’ve built up
from wearing your shoes and it’s gonna make your feet more tender and more
sensitive and more painful when you’re hiking so never do those pedicures
manicures well I don’t have a manicure but if you want a manicure go straight
ahead pedicure never never never antiperspirant is one of my secret
weapons so this is just a 14 grams small container doesn’t matter what kind you
get as long as it is antiperspirant and you’re gonna rub this liberally on the
sole of your feet and when you go up to the toes you can rub the sides
especially if your toes tend to rub a certain spot and if you have like excess
you can just kind of work it in and these are gonna this is gonna keep your
feet dry from sweating cuz it’s that sweat that causes that friction
and those red spots so there we go now you may or may not have this problem
called overlapping toes what happens is my baby toe goes underneath the toe
beside and then when you walk on it it is extremely painful so to keep it
separated to the side I use toe separators you can buy them on Amazon
and eBay I suggest buying a big bag of them because they cost very little and
it’s more annoying to wait for the shipping time to come from China so this
is one that I have been using I’m gonna say it’s about four months old and it’s
kind of worn down and this is what a brand new one looks like okay so I have
the toe protector on it’s a really really soft silicone it’s not gonna
bother me in the shoe okay so you can see clearly see my toes are going to be
kept separate in the shoe and I’m gonna be a happy camper walking along without
any of that overlap issue because that overlap can be extremely painful the
first time I experienced it was in 2014 on the Appalachian Trail and I was
worried it was going to end my hike because it was excruciating excruciating
pain alright now you’re putting on a good pair of hiking socks or running
socks and I will go over socks selection with you in another video and then you
want to grab a Gator I use Dirty Girl Gators there are other ones that work
just as well the purpose of the Gator is not to keep out water because my shoes
aren’t waterproof but rather to keep out stones and debris from getting in the
sides of the shoe because once those pebbles get into your shoe other than
just being playing out annoying they can cause damage to your sock and to your
feet by causing blisters and hot spots so see there’s a Velcro tab on the back
and there’s I had put a piece of velcro that came with the gaiter on the back of
the shoe locks in just pull it over lock it in the top lace and now we’re good to
go at the end of the day when you’re done
hiking you want to make sure your feet are dry even if they’ve been wet all day
and water and snow keep them dry when you’re sleeping so have a spare pair of
socks with you that are always dedicated and kept for that dry sleeping time and
as for your hiking saw even though it’s kind of probably sweaty and damp and wet
you want to try to dry it out as much as you can overnight hanging it up and your
tent is not gonna work some people stuff it inside there’s
their sleeping bag or they’re sleeping quilt to dry it out but I find that is
ineffective because it just balls up so what I do is I put it directly against
the skin usually I put it against my leg but if you want you could even put it
against your shoulder your back whatever so you just take your damp your damn
sock tuck it in between your clothing go off to sleep and when you wake up in the
morning it’s usually dry sock and shoe selection are also a big part of keeping
blisters and painful feet at bay and I will be going over that in an upcoming
video but until then don’t forget your antiperspirant

8 thoughts on “How to Hike Blister Free! Sara’s tips for a Painless Thru-hike, Camino, or Long-Distance Walk

  1. Hehehehe , I too have a problem with the big toe rubbing the one next to it , so now instead of a band aide or tape , Santa gave me two pairs of Injinji toe socks , light weight and medium. With my past blisters I used bag balm to keep the skin soft around the blister so when it pops , the skin will be soft to cut or tear and not be all dried up and raspy , who cares if it smell cause you do to. By the way Santa also gave me an mrs pocket rocket II stove , getting excited to get out.

  2. The Doctor is in the house! (or tent 😉). A lot of common information is available from almost every website or blog. Not so easy to obtain is first hand advice like what you have given here today. I have always dried my hiking socks in the bottom of my sleeping bag, but your idea of placing them on your shoulders underneath your sleep shirt sounds good. May even provide a little extra padding/support for those that use closed cell sleep pads… A+

  3. Excellent tips! The hint on drying socks against your body really works, even while hiking; same thing with wrung-dry gloves.

    The only time I got blisters was a 20-mile day in mountaineering boots, tore the skin from my heels to Achilles tendon from heel slip. Won't be doing that again, haha.

  4. WOW!! Many things I haven't heard before! Plus…you got me thinking…at whatever point I started following your PCT hike on YouTube…I don't recall you ever mentioning any serious foot issues! It seems like just about everyone else I followed had very strong foot problems and some point! So I'm going to rewatch this video again (at a more reasonable time!) and I'm looking forward to more videos (and beer reviews and bridge dances( from you! I don't think I'll make your Saturday Live Q&A, but I hope you post some form of it at a later date!

  5. Hard core stuff! Apparently sleeping with wet socks next to your body boosts the immune system and wards off colds and flu etc. who woulda thought???
    So, next Camino, sleep with wet socks on my belly and put antiperspirant on my feet every morning. People will think I’m a nut job…but they don’t know.
    It’s high time you turned pro.
    Live long and prosper.🖖

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