How to Hike to the Hollywood Sign

Hey, guys. This is the hike to the
Hollywood sign. I’m going down right now because I just did it.
But it’s a fun hike. It’s not a hike if you’re looking for
backcountry solitude, but it is right in the middle of
Los Angeles, and it’s one of those iconic hikes that you all…you know,
everyone has to do it at some point in their lives. You actually go behind the
Hollywood sign, so you’re not in front of it, but there are a lot of good photo
ops as you go up there to take pictures with it and get yourself in there.
The hike is beautiful. I’m doing it early, so there’s a nice cloud layer right now,
but you can see that if the clouds weren’t here, you’d be able to see all the
valley and a lot of fun stuff. So if you want to do it,
go to I have the trailhead address and all the
info that you need to do it, otherwise, watch the turn-by-turn and enjoy. So there’s a few ways to start the hike or do the hike. This is your best option.
It’s the shortest, easiest way and there’s plenty of free parking in Griffith Park.
If you go to the website,, I will give you all the info on that.
But the hike starts right after the parking lot. You just walk through this
gate and keep walking up the road. There’s also a map here,
so you can take a picture with your cell phone if you don’t have a map on you,
which is nice. Then just keep going up. There’s a road in the very beginning that
heads back to the left. Just avoid that and keep heading straight
up the canyon. Pretty soon, the trail will turn
into a trail, not, say, a road, a wide dirt trail, and it will start going up. It’s tough,
but it’s doable. There’s also this big dam towards the beginning.
Just keep going straight avoiding it in a small side trail, so just keep on heading
on the big wide dirt trail. It sort of winds its way up the canyon.
Take your time on this. It’s, you know, steep. It’s tough.
There’s a lot to see. But once you get done this,
you’ll get a breather, so just take your time.
Once you start to see this bench, that was a foggy day that I did this,
but once you see the bench, you’re almost at the next trail.
And this trail comes to a T. You’re going to make the left here.
And you’ll get a nice breather. The right goes back to the observatory.
Left heads to the Hollywood sign and Mount Lee. After an easy section on that
trail, you’ll see a split. You want to head to the right here.
There’s also some little signs. Sometimes they’re here. Sometimes they’re not.
But you’re going to be heading to Mount Lee and the Hollywood sign,
not Mount Hollywood, but Mount Lee and the Hollywood sign.
As you wind your way around on this trail, you’ll start to get views of the Hollywood
sign. On the side there, that’s where you’re heading,
right up where that tower is. Stay on the main trail along the cliff,
avoiding these little side trails to the left. So the sign was put up in the
1920s that originally said Hollywoodland. It was put there to advertise a housing
development and used to be all lit up, which you can imagine was pretty kooky.
Land part came down. The sign fell into disrepair over the
years. And it got so bad in the 70s that a group of local celebs,
led by a Hugh Hefner, Playboy, did some fundraising,
got it to the state that it’s in today. Just so you know, the letters are 45 feet
high each and every once in a while, somebody will do something kooky like put
black tarps over the O’s to make it say Hollyweed. That gets on the news and
everyone has a giggle. After around two miles, you’re going
to come to an intersection with a paved road. You’re going
to make the right here. That’s going to seem a little counterintuitive because you’re going to
head away from the sign for a little bit, but it is the right way.
This will wind its way around the back of the mountain and up to the Hollywood
sign. Now, the trail gets steep here. You can see them in the clouds a little
bit, got some cool little cloud action coming through here. Take your time.
You’re going to get nice views as you go up. I did this, like I said,
on a cloudy day, but you’re going to have beautiful views down into LA and of the
mountains in the background. So take your time, enjoy the views,
and have fun. When you start to see that tower up in the distance there,
you’re almost there, so keep on chugging. Eventually, the trail will turn around
again. You’re going to stay on the paved part. Avoid the trail to the right
which goes to a Cahuenga peak. You’re going to be keeping around to the
left, around where the fence is. As you go along this fence,
you’re going to be right behind the Hollywood sign, so you can grab some
pictures here, but also if you look up behind you you’ll see the peak peak.
Sometimes there’s a cool flag there. Sometimes there’s not.
But you go right to the edge here where these fences are, all this antenna
equipment, and you kind of hook around to the left and there’s a little
hidden trail that goes up to the summit itself. Here it is. On a clear day,
once you get up here, you’re going to be able to see,
sometimes, out to Catalina. You’ll be able to see all these surrounding mountains,
downtown Los Angeles. I did it early in the morning and here in
LA, we have something called the marine layer, which is basically fog
rolls in. So you can see there’s not a lot here, but it’s still pretty beautiful.
Just check the weather when you’re planning it. You get awesome 360 views
here. And if you want to do the hike, like I said, go to and I
have all the details, parking information, everything you need to know along with
other turn-by-turn directions. I also have a little side trip to
Bronson Caves which was the bat cave, also check it out. Hey, guys, so that’s hike.
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Things change sometimes. You know, there’s detours and that kind stuff,
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hikers. Have fun, guys.

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