How to Ice Skate BACKWARDS! – Figure Skating Tips

How to Ice Skate BACKWARDS! – Figure Skating Tips

hey guys today we are going to be
skating backwards by the end of this video you’ll be skating backwards like a
pro our first exercise for skating backwards our back Wiggles our feet are
going to be parallel hip-width apart we’re going to shake our hips side to
side and our arms are moving against the hips keep a nice knee bend moving your
body where you would like it to travel try to avoid crunching forwards think
about squeezing your abs or my giggle muscles that I tell the kiddos also be
sure to keep your arms just slightly below the shoulders not too high and not
too low we also never want to look down and remember to stay off those topics
next let’s progress the backwards marching our arms are nice and relaxed
slightly in front of us feets below the hips below the shoulders just pick up
your feet ever so slightly just a couple inches and inch backwards common mistake
is not moving your feet at all moving on we have back swizzles start with your
feet in an upside down feet bend both knees and press on your inside edge
leaning your skate slightly inwards to initiate the backwards glide movement
straighten the knee as your heels meet now let’s try some backward stroking we
are going to balance our weight in the middle of our late shifting the weight
over the skating leg then and push off with an inside edge while making a C
shape then extend the free leg and point your toe towards we are going to be
alternating legs and be sure we are always using our edges thanks so much
for watching guys be sure to like subscribe and share as always my tips
are down below in the description box you guys are the best and see you all
next time

9 thoughts on “How to Ice Skate BACKWARDS! – Figure Skating Tips

  1. I haven't been skating in years due to an injury. I'd Iike to think one day I will get the chance to try this out!!! Great video!!!

  2. We go ice skating as a family once or twice a year. I'll definitely check out your videos before we go again next winter so we don't fall on our bottoms so much! You make skating backwards look so easy!

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