How to Ice Skate : How to do a Forward Swizzle on Ice Skates

How to Ice Skate : How to do a Forward Swizzle on Ice Skates

Hi I’m Simone Fisher and I’m here at Clearwater
Ice Arena in sunny Clearwater Florida. On behalf of Expert Village. Hi I’m Georgia Delile
with the Clearwater Ice Arena, and I’m going to show you how to do proper forward swizzles,
backward swizzles and backward wiggles. To do a proper forward swizzle, you begin by
placing your feet in a V position you want the heels of your skates to touch not the
blades. Leaning slightly in on the inside edge. You’ll bent your knees slightly and
lift your arms to about the counter top height. Placing the hand in V position just slightly
in front of the body. You push out using the thigh muscles. And then squeeze in using the
inner thigh muscles squeezing together pulling the toes together. And then giving the feet
a hug. Again it’s a V position, heels together pushing forward, pulling the thighs together,
pulling the toes together and then the feet get a hug.

30 thoughts on “How to Ice Skate : How to do a Forward Swizzle on Ice Skates

  1. These videos are helpful. I'm curious, though. What is the swizzle used for? I thought the basic ice skating move is the push-off. Why would someone swizzle?

  2. The swizzle is fun you should try but to prevent even more falling even though I'm beginner dont look at your feet because you know your position is right when you feel it.

  3. At our place it's called a fish ball!!!
    I couldn't really do these right at first, but I'm getting better! Actually, I think it's easier doing it backwords…….

    Thx for the video!!!^^

  4. @Omniya1 why can't fat people skate? if anything you have an advantage, if you fall on your ass its not going to hurt haha!

  5. oh my god! thats amazing! i cannot believe that. i dont think thats possible.
    dude, if its SOO easy forward (which it is) it shouldnt be that much hader backwards. for you at least.

  6. I'm not able to do this correctly as I don't have the thigh strength to push and pull back in and instead I over twist the knees to pull my legs back in.Are there any exercises to get thigh strength?Also,does iceskating use the same muscles as roller blading?Ie:if I practice on rollerblades will it help me get muscle strength?

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