How to Ice Skate : How to do a Half, Toe, & Full Wallie on Ice Skates

How to Ice Skate : How to do a Half, Toe, & Full Wallie on Ice Skates

Hi, my name is Charlene Dodge and I’m here
at the Clearwater Ice Arena in Clearwater, Florida and on behalf of Expert Village this
is beginning ice skating. This is Victoria Henning and she would be demonstrating a half
wallie. What she is going to be doing is demonstrating it forward, she is going to turn back to a
inside edge, jump and she comes forward to a two stop afterwards, so that is the half
wallie. The next move she is going to be demonstrating is a toe wallie, she is going to do one revolution
in the air this time, a full revolution. Bringing the arms a little bit tighter and that way
she would get the full revolution and she comes out in a back edge instead of coming
out forward. Now she is going to do a full wallie. She is going to be going to, actually
without using your toe peg she jumps off of one foot and lands. That is a full revolution
in the air, arms in and there is your sequence of wallies.

22 thoughts on “How to Ice Skate : How to do a Half, Toe, & Full Wallie on Ice Skates

  1. no.. walley is from inside edge, toe-loop is from right outside edge.. that's why walley difficult is. noone can do tripple, the simple is also very hard if doing right way.. not like this demonstration.

  2. lol okay, a Toe walley CAN reconsidered a toe loop, only difference is with the toe walley you do a left outside 3-turn then STEP onto a right outside edge, and pick in with your left toe pick. A toe loop is just a right inside 3 turn (you jump your also on a back right outside edge) and pick in with your left toe pick. So you are on the same edge and use the same toe pick and also land on the same edge
    Also, i believe a walley is different from a loop, similar, but still pretty different….

  3. This isn't a lesson. A lesson would include instructions on how to do it, not just an explanation of the difference between the three….

  4. Nope, they're not. They are two different jumps. The only similarity is that both often take off from an outside 3-turn, and end with a bunny hop type of landing. With a 1/2 flip, you pick into the ice after the 3-turn, and then you jump and rotate the half revolution and bunny hop. You land on an inside edge. With the 1/2 toe walley, you do the 3-turn, place your free leg down, pick with the opposite leg, jump/rotate, then land like a bunny hop at the end, landing on the outside edge.

  5. dont know anything about walleys/toewalleys or half flips. but in UK terminology what you describe is just a toe loop with different entries. both LFO3, placing right foot down and picking the ice with left toepick and RFI3 and picking the ice with left toepick.

  6. but a bunny hop lands on a toepick?! are you talking about the egde after you change feet (after the toepick landing]?

  7. a loop takes off RBO edge and lands on RBO edge.
    from what i am reading about a walley, it takes off RBI edge and lands the same way as loop on RBO edge.

    what i am assuming is that the difference between a toe loop (done from an RFI3) and a toe walley is the entry edge, which should be RBO for a toeloop and RBI for a walley?

  8. bunny hop as well as a falling leaf and other jumps that land forwards land on a toepick. actually you allways land on toepicks, backwards and forwards. at least where i skate you do.

  9. Ok… no offense but the "Toe walley" wasn't that, it was a single toe loop… With a right outside 3-turn, change of foot and toe into the ice. Sorry, but that was a toe loop not a "Toe walley"

  10. I am a Freestyle 2 skater and that's not a half toe wallie. A lot of people get low scores because they do it incorrectly .

  11. Same im being tested on half toe wallys in 2 days and I dont know how to do them. Ugh im gonna die

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