How to Ice Skate : How to Stand Up on Ice

How to Ice Skate : How to Stand Up on Ice

Hi I’m Simon Fisher and I’m here in Clearwater
Ice Arena in Sunny Clear, Florida. On behalf of Expert Village. One thing that is very
important in finger skating is learning how to get up. That is the first thing that you
should know so I’m going to show you how to sit on the ice and get up again. So basically
you just sit down and you want to go on to both knees. Then bring one knee up and then
you push off of one knee and that brings you right up. That is basically how to get down
and sit on the ice and get up again. The importance of getting up off the ice again or how to
know to get up the ice again is just in case you fall or if you are doing something and
no body else is near to help you up. It is very important that you know how to do that
properaly or you can fall backwards or hurt your tail bone or hurt something else. So
it is really good to know that.

82 thoughts on “How to Ice Skate : How to Stand Up on Ice

  1. I'm always scared to hurt my tail bone!! :S
    but i fall alot and i twist my body to the front to i fall on my knees instead of my back!

    its OUCH anywayz!

  2. wow why did ya make a vid on that. it was very nicely planned out lookin thought. your a very wonderful teacher.

  3. This is weird but I have a fear of falling on ice. How do I overcome that? — I wont improve anymore! If I dont overcome it :S

  4. Yea I went Ice skating my first time today =] only fell twice! I can't believe my self but it was actually rather easy.

  5. if it helps I also have a fear on falling on the ice:D But I realized it's not the falling that I'm scared of as much of as failing. It's a mental battle that holds you back. Cause you can do anything you set your mind to.

  6. no if u fall and alot of people is there go on yours knees and make shore your fingers are tucked in so u dont get your hand cutt off its bad 🙁 thk for reading 🙂

  7. I know I'm going to need this tip. I'm going ice skating tmrw for the first time! xD Who know how many times I'm gonna fall. 😛

  8. lol how did it go?
    My bf and I went to Rockefeller Ice rink today but it was sooooooo crowded…long line. So we decided to go back another time. but yeah..I'm definitely gonna need to learn this tip sooner or later lol. 😛

  9. @ankuputush lol it was k!! first time luckily didnt fall !! 😀 i kinda know how to use it! i play rollerskate too thats y 😀

  10. @ProzSF ooooh rollerskate! thats awesome! (upload your rollerskating vdo!) i can tell your gonna get better at ice skating too ;D. maybe i can use some tips from you. hehe

  11. How did it go? was it harder than you thought? I'm taking my girl ice staking tomorrow and its both our first times. I'm a little nervous but also excited lol.

  12. lol yesterday i went ice sketing with my friends for my birthday party. we all fell but what was fun about it was at the end when we had to go my friend an i took a big down fall because we were rushing for the door it hurt for a little while but it started feeling better afterword. still even if you fall the ice is there to keep it from hurting.

  13. OMG.i went ice skating yesterdaii for the first tym ever and i loveeed itt.:( but i fell in front of this fit boi.twice :L i felll then tried to get up then fell again.LOL.

  14. How much people think that i will learn how to skate for the first time this summer and be good at it cause it's happening

  15. lol i went to the vid hoping to see that she fell on her ass….. it didnt show the title when i clicked it thats why…

  16. I have gone skating a lot when I was little. I'm going skating with my friends and my crush soon. Unfortunately, I have no clue how to skate 😐 I have the feeling I'm gonna failllll lol.

  17. wow, so many people are talking about how much they need this, i only fell once, when i was skating for the first time and i was skating for, like 3 hours XD

  18. I love how I feel that there's a need to watch all the YouTube videos in existence on a particular new sport before trying it, only to completely forget what I watched and suck hard at the sport when the time comes.

    Then come back here and repeat the process.

  19. i went ice skating for the first time with my boyfriend we were racing and i fell and i did axacally what she said now i ice skate as a sport i love it and my boyfriend encureges me to get back up when i fall and do it all over again

  20. I've fallen on my tailbone doing a waltz…
    The impact went up my spine, and my head was hurting soo much that i couldnt skate for the rest of the day.. :/

  21. @liz8449 instead of supporting your weight on your knee, keep your hands on the ground (ice) the whole time until ur stable with ur knees bent. then slowly lift your hands up off the ice and hopefully u wont fall.

  22. How do you actually stand on the ice? I'm going ice skating for the first time in December, but I'm scared that I'll fall right away.

  23. Maybe last month I went ice skate then I fall down but I don't know how to get up and shout for help!!😅😂

  24. Well um I fell today and I put my skate on the ice and grabbed the Sadie and pulled my self up because I was on the side also i fell on my hip and knee oof and hurt my wrist catching my self

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