How to Ice Skate : How to Stop on Ice Skates

How to Ice Skate : How to Stop on Ice Skates

Hi, my name is Charlene Dodge and I’m here
at the Clearwater Ice Arena in Clearwater, Florida and on behalf of Expert Village this
is beginning ice skating. Teaching a stop to a beginner skater they march forward, they
put both feet together and then they press out. I would be demonstrate a 2 foot snow
plow stop. March first, they put there feet together and they press. The is a 2 foot stop.
The next advancement is a one foot snow plow stop. The beginner again marches forward and
puts pressure on the outside foot, presses down. It can also be done on the opposite

100 thoughts on “How to Ice Skate : How to Stop on Ice Skates

  1. au brate mucim se ovde 20 minuta i kucam na engleskom da bih tek posle izvalio da si iz srbije… 😀 e postoji razlika,kopao sam po netu i nasao… imas klizaljke za hokej i umetnicko klizanje, razlika je u tome sto ove za umet. kliznje izgledaju kao cipela sa stiklom i imaju duzu onu metalnu sipku ili kako se vec zove to…

  2. u principu da, sve zavisi koliko dobro klizas… a realno sta ce ti ove za umet. kliz., k'o da ces da pravis piruete i ta sranja… roces bi trebalo da su dobre… e a jel samo klizas ili treniras hokej?

  3. haha ma ko ih jebe!! 😀 taj fazon… pa i ja isto tako , bio sam na klizanju 4-5 puta al tek dva puta za redom ove godine i sad sam krenuo malo cesce i redovnije da idem, iako ja nemam jos svoje klizaljke… al ja bih da pocnem hokej da treniram, to mi je najjaci sport ikad..! nego kolko si platio te roces? i gde si ih kupio, tamo u pioniru?

  4. taj fazon.. pa do jaja onda, pogledacu po forumima malo pre nego sto kupim bilo sta u svakom slucaju… e a pazi naucices relativno brzo da klizas dobro i verovatno ce ti biti smor posle par meseci ili godina, u svakom sl. u jednom trenutku ces hteti nesto vise od klizanja i eto hokeja… s tim sto sam ja prvo poceo da pratim hokej pa sam tek onda krenuo da klizam i krenuo sam na klizanje bas zbog hokeja… al naravno i meni je kliznje samo po sebi do jaja!

  5. i know lol!, i got mine 2 days ago and i can go faster (after fallin on me hole so many times) than the hire skates but i cant check stop on hockey boots yet, but on hire boots it was easy 🙁

  6. Wow…the first girl has like 15 words to memorize and she can't even do that?!?! She has to look down at her paper…FUCKING LAZY AMERICANS

  7. If anyone is looking for some more videos on how to skate, or how to stop check out my channel. I just put up a how to skate video, and will be adding the how to stop video very soon. I take a to the point approach, very easy to understand. Feel free to subscribe to my videos as well. I will be adding a lot more skating videos

  8. i have to admit its the same on roller blades or skateboards or even a bmx with no breaks just keep going till u hit something 🙂

  9. Hi my name is Shalene Dodge and im here at the clear water ice center in clear water florida and on behave of expert village this is begining ice skating…
    COME ON!! Do we realy need to hear this everytime???

  10. I went Iceskateing yesterday for my first time, Once you get going it's easy, the hard part is stoping. Thats why I just run into walls

  11. ty that helped me learn to stop now i can go in ice skatong competitions that was the thing i needed to practice on! i am so happy you put the is because my daughter knows how to do it to ty!

  12. can someone please help me?!?!?!?!? whenever i do my snowplow, i press out but i dont stop it almost just goes into a swizel and if i press harder it still doesnt do anything it just pushes out more into like the splits. i have the test next week someone please help?!?!

  13. Hi my name is… And I'm in…. I DON'T CARE! Show me the skating. Why do you introduce yourself when you're not the one teaching?

  14. I can't stop I either end up almost doing a split or I just keep gliding so maybe it's a problem of force or am I doing it at the wrong angle? GRRR SKATING IS EVIL but it's so fun…

  15. can this work with hockey skates too? i have learning skating since last winter but have not been able to learn how to stop properly. 

  16. I actually just stop by putting one foot ahead of the other sideways, It works for me but i don't know about anyone else

  17. yeah I cant do any beginner stops ….I cant twist my foot like that no matter what I do I even have my own skates as I skate every weekend. I cant do the Tstop either because I end up putting my leg too far back and kneeling down so far that its not worth doing it so I stopped doing it. I wonder if it has to do with the hollow on my skates, I bought them ready to skate ( sharpened) I do not know what hollow they have and have not sharpened in 8 weeks. Should I do that just to know what hollow I have?

  18. I can do the one foot stop but I can't do both or I end up going too hard into the ice… fault of the rink or am I stupid? lol

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