How to Ice Skate : The Two-Foot Glide: Ice Skating for Beginners

How to Ice Skate : The Two-Foot Glide: Ice Skating for Beginners

Hi, my name is Charlene Dodge and I’m here
at the Clearwater Ice Arena in Clearwater, Florida and on behalf of Expert Village this
is beginning ice skating. Hi, I’m Sharon Cook, I’m a skating school director at Clearwater
Ice Arena and I’m here to demonstrate a 2 foot glide. A beginners goal into a 2 foot
glide with a little marching step and then glide. Hopefully the distance of there height
on 2 feet. I’m going to demonstrate how it is done as a beginner and then how it is done
in a little more advance mode. Here we go. Also the skater can do it in different positions
I’m going to show you a dip. Hands in front, bend the knees, up and then stop.

59 thoughts on “How to Ice Skate : The Two-Foot Glide: Ice Skating for Beginners

  1. same to me! I just had my first lesson today. It was my very first time on the ice with figure skates and I did horrible! ppl said that I was doing good for my 1st time, but I know I did horrible! I think that it'll take me several years to start skating with 1 foot without falling.

  2. Ehh I don't know. They are expensive at the local rink. I did just find out about lessons at the park though (seasonal outdoor rink) and they are awesome prices.

    I think I was thinking of HOCKEY lessons in my last post XD

  3. my sis has a youtube
    its cutechanel22
    and she wants to know
    if u know how to roller blade
    do u know how to ice skate? o.o
    she fell when she did it on her socks


  4. I agree. And don't tell anyone, but I once went to Youtube to manage to open a tuna can. It took me an hour but I DID IT ! (most of the can ended up on my keyboard, but ANYWAY…)

  5. If I did any of that I'd fall on my ass.

    I've skated one time, and I skated for a few hours and never trusted myself enough to really get off of the wall >_> And when I did, I fell on my behind every 5 seconds.

  6. 1. Nobody wants to hear all the non-sense in the beginning. 2. This is only my second time ever but the first time i figured all of this out by myself in 3hrs. People are not incompetent creepy lady.

  7. Fuck sake, I'm taking a girl on a date and i've never ice skated and ive looked at like 10 vids to find out how to even move on the ice to begin with and every beginner vid I find is about figure skating or some gay shit,

  8. I came her cause my best friends sister is an ice skater and she's told me that i should come by her rink and skate sometime, well i never skated before so i hope i take these tips to the ice!

  9. Went ice skating today… Yeah, not as easy as it looks.. TRUST me!

    Treated it like i was on roller blades BUT it is WAY harder than roller blades. xD

  10. wow people are rude here dont look for free help online if youre just going to complain about it maybe go figure it out yourselves if thats the case, thank you for your lessons its helping me out with memorizing terminology

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