ok we’re going to talk about the female squirting
g-spot orgasm today I have a picture here of the woman’s rubber doctors
system we can find her range right here we can find the entrance of the vagina
right here and this is the urethra and bladder ok this popular here in blue it’s the
g-spot how do we stimulate this i totally recommend first before doing
any type of stimulation give her a nice massage let her relax however you want to do it it’s important that she gets into an
orgasmic state of mind ok just be relaxed and comfortable and
somewhat around before we start doing this ok what we’re going to do we will later
on the back which is the easiest way to do this we’re going to loop our fingers
very well especially this finger this finger ok we’re going to start of your fingers
very well so they use a harder in case you have long fingers can hurt a little
bit so we’re going to be very well and we will go inside the vagina about two
knuckles in that’s about what we will find the
g-spot squirting which is a quarter-sized spot with a wrinkle sort of texture in it ok sometimes it’s not to find it when
it’s not around but once you start doing going to not go to a stop to this motion
you you do have come here motion right on
the upper wall of her vagina ok we start doing these we’re going to
see that it starts to swell and you’re going to find it quite easy ok we’re going to do this for a while stop very slow and do it harder and
harder the more she’s around ok what’s gonna happen i think is going
to start to begin to fill up the block this week is not being its and other
less and colorless and sort of like with the sweet taste liquid is liquid is
going to feel the brother and the more you do this is one of you will come to
what he wants to come out she’s going to have the urge to be she
needs to know this before you start okay because it’s a for her might be an
uncomfortable feeling so she’s actually gonna let this kind of the urethra and
is is going to make a big mess in in the back if she actually has a an orgasm ok so then she needs to be after one
needs to know that you’re okay with it okay so start doing up there are doing
it harder and harder to do with two fingers well do this sort of like this
come here motion with the two which is sort of like a running motion and start
doing up until she comes to a point where she’s with our eyes that she has a
natural orgasm she’s going to start to shake her muscles start to contract and
and this liquid will come out she’s gonna squirt ok that’s a squirting orgasm which is
also a g-spot orgasm when this comes out she’s going to have the most incredible squirting
orgasm you probably have ever seen a woman sometimes almost

23 thoughts on “How To MAKE a GIRL SQUIRT […3 G-SPOT ORGASM Tips]✅

  1. I've found that no matter what you do, the woman needs to feel comfortable with who she's with and the surroundings.

  2. The day I lost my virginity I did this to my gf and my sheets were so soaked I couldn’t ever figure out why it never happened again but now ik lol thx for the vid so glad I already know how to do this bc I feel like trying this for the first time might be weird so thank god my dumbass is blessed😇

  3. Squirting is not a sexual climax, you dumbass. It is a woman losing control of her bladder. It is disgusting. Who wants someone to puss on them or in the bed? Only some sick pervert.

  4. Squirt is a fancy word for PEE. Like Donald Trump… If you into "Squirting". Just give your girl a whole lot of water and when she is ready to pee… You be the toilet.🍑💦💦

  5. I am glad I am old now and don't need to worry about this shit. Get a good dildo and forget men. Hug a dog.its less trouble.

  6. Do the running man, and like Arnie they’ll be back, and shuddering incredibly.

  7. there is significant scientific proof that the origin of the fluid is actually the bladder and that the chemical composition is that of urine. Basically, it’s pee. Women who experience squirting are simply learning to release one set of muscles while contracting the bladder so they can release urine during orgasm.

  8. I never never made a woman squirt ever in life until last year me and my fiancé was having sex I kept massaging and rubbing her vagina area when I was penetrating her at the same time. I realize she started shaking like she was being electrocuted and her moans got louder next thing you know she start squirting all over the bed let me tell you something that was the most shocking thing I have ever witness before in sex it kinda turned me on not because she squirted but she was moaning at the same time sexy is hell thank God I’m a male black male at that 💯💪🏾

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