How to Mount a Horse

How to Mount a Horse

How to Mount a Horse. The first lesson you’ll need to learn if you
want to ride a horse is how to get on it. You will need A bridled and saddled horse
A helmet Riding boots A helper and a mounting block. If you’re not an experienced rider, have a
helper nearby who can assist you if the horse moves quickly or reacts as you’re mounting
it. Step 1. Make sure the horse is saddled correctly so
that the saddle won’t slip off when you mount. If you have a mounting block – a step stool
that will give you extra height – place it on the left side of the horse, as close
to it as possible. Step 2. Adjust the stirrups, which are the footholds
on each side of the horse, so they hang low enough that your feet will fit through them
comfortably once you’ve mounted. Approach the horse from its left side. Step 3. If you are using a mounting block, climb onto
it. Face the horse’s left side, and take hold
of the end of the reins with your left hand. With the reins in your hand, hold the saddle’s
horn with your left hand for more support. Place your right hand on the back of the saddle. Step 4. Stand as near to the horse as you can, so
you don’t pull the saddle or the horse toward you, and out of position, as you mount. With your hands in position, put your left
foot, facing forward, into the left stirrup. Push off your right leg as you transfer your
weight to your left foot, as though you’re stepping up a very high step. Step 5. Straighten your left leg in the stirrup, swinging
your right foot over the horse’s rear end in one smooth motion. Sit down on the saddle. Step 6. Place your right foot into the right stirrup. Adjust your position in the saddle. Take the reins in both hands, and you’re ready
to ride! Did you know Archeologists have found pieces
of horse bridle that date back to 3000 BCE.

50 thoughts on “How to Mount a Horse

  1. We don't want to look like complete novices when we first try or we want to criticize their way of doing it or we want to refresh ourselves on how to do it or we want to check how other people do it… okay?

  2. this is my own personal opinion but maybe before someones first lesson they might want to check how to get on so they arent complete novices. it would help their confidence and make thier instructors life easier.

  3. @ILoveMyPaintPony101 horse riding is something a person should have proper instruction on, it is a fairly dangerous activity with much to learn about behavior and what do do when, every horse is different, also simply throwing a saddle on is only part of the battle, next you have to curry and care for the horse after your ride. I realize this is hard to comprehend for those of you who rode a trail horse at a dude ranch, but the simple reality is its nothing simple about it.

  4. The most important gear to bring when riding a horse is that between your ears, second is proper riding boots, getting your foot caught in a stirrup is very serious.

  5. Thankyou! I only needed to learn how to adjust the stirrups.. but thanks anyway!
    Can you make a whole video dedicated to stirrups?

  6. omg! never ever ever grab the back of the saddle! putting your weight on it can really damage the horses back!

  7. @SunsetHorses14 thts totally ur own opinion!! And the comfort depends on how bony the horse is on its back!

  8. my friend and i always argue about weather or not Western or English is better.
    I ride English she rides Western
    we both decided,people who dont ride horses but use the horses for carriages (we call it Froo-Froo riding) is worst of all lol
    I say
    "It doesnt matter what style you ride,you got guts and you're a true sport 'player'"

  9. Is is rubbish and would never help me if I was a beginner, my instructor tells me how to mount and she says that you should face to the back of the horse and then spring round and then up. Also never put your weight on the back of the saddle as its really dangerous and hurts the horse. Also my instructor tells me to hold the front of the saddle and not to put weight onto the neck so when you are mounted and you land you don't end up steering the horse with loose reins or something. Anyway, I di

  10. Oh dear goodness. Horse back riding? That's a completely different thing from what she's doing! If she's in an arena with half chaps (etc) then it's Equestrianism – The sport and schooling side of things. Gahh, What about if someone needs to mount a pony or a donkey? Different animals. x3 Isn't there a certain way to turn the stirrups so that the leathers aren't twisted? That's what I watched this for, to see how to do it probably. xD Nice though.

  11. This is so rong, you hold the pomel of the saddle, if you hold the back, everytime you mount you rench/pull the tree in the saddle and it can brake…

  12. This is how to mount a WESTERN SADDLE. But you're using an english one. So you guys need to remake this video, or you may totally screw up someone who rides english. I have experience with both western, and english.

  13. It wrenches the tree and it will break after time. It also pulls the saddle off balance, and it's a bitch to to get it straight again.

  14. Don't bend your leg that your swinging over the horse! I learned my lesson…I ended up kicking him in the butt and he took off running. It's the biggest pet peeve we have.

  15. I find it funny they are using an English saddle and said "grab the horn" there is no horn on the English saddle. you grab the pommel.

  16. My cousin: What an idiot, you don't need to buy a horse to ride one. You just need to go to a stable.
    Me: I think he means just in general.
    My cousin: *facepalm*

  17. I am very confused… Why do some saddles have a stick coming out and some don't… The saddle in this video looks different. Also I thought you were suppoesed to have cowboy hats and a big lasso… if someone could please explain this to me that would be great.. YEEEE HAWWW

  18. Is this normal, someone please answer!! I am not a experience rider, I sometimes ride my friends horse. When I ride, I always feel like my feet are going to slip out of the syrups. ( can't spell them, Lol) is there anything I can do??? Cause when I am trotting, I always slow him down, because I always think that my feet will come out.

  19. The thing is. At my stable they get onto the horse without the Step thingy. I am a little over weight but not obese. Plz help.

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